What is Magbe?

Magbe offers access to individual magazine articles from numerous magazines, without the need to buy the whole magazine or a subscription.

You can now stay informed on your specific selection of topics or search across multiple magazines, without buying full copies of these magazines. Or you can just browse through the available content and select to read the articles of your interest.

Magbe partners with multiple magazine publishers to provide you the magazine content of your interest.

How it works

Magbe allows you to read individual magazine articles without the need to pay for the whole magazine or a magazine subscription.

We offer a great range of articles from many different magazine titles and our aim is to provide relevant articles for all our users. Some of our titles: BBC Future, Singapore Business Review, WINE & DINE, The Economist, BBC Capital, Expat Living, SIX-SIX.com, STORM and many more.

You can experience Magbe in the following ways:

Complimentary articlesMagbe offers you your personal selection of 5 articles for free each month to let you experience the convenience of our article based platform.

Pay-Per-Article (PPA)If you like to read more interesting articles, you can purchase prepaid credit which can be used to pay for individual articles. You don’t need to go through the payment process every time you read an article. After you select an article and approve, the article price will be deducted from your credit balance.

Top up values range from 2.50 SGD to 50.00 SGD.

PREMIUM subscriptionA Premium subscription allows you to read all available articles without additional payments.Without limitation you can read about your favourite topics across our complete database of magazine articles.

Various subscription ranges possible:

  • 1 month of Premium - 15 SGD
  • 3 months of Premium - 40 SGD
  • 6 months of Premium - 75 SGD (most popular choice)
  • 12 months of Premium - 139 SGD

Beta version

You are currently using the beta version of the Magbe platform. We are working hard to further improve your Magbe experience and would very much appreciate your help.

Your feedback is welcome!
Kindly let us know what you like or don’t like about Magbe and how we can improve to serve you better:

With Magbe Read your favorite articles on the move.


Read individual articles from various magazines


Read your local magazines in your local language


Share articles with your friends and follow celebrities’ choices

For publishers
A new market segment for publishers.

Penetrate a new young, dynamic and mobile-addicted market

Provide an extra source of income

Gain market share with online and mobile presence

Counter free / illegal distribution

Key aspects of Magbe:

  • Offers consumers a wide range of articles from multiple magazines
  • Magbe is available on Web, iOS App and Android App
  • Highly personalised UI and ultimate UX
  • Focus on display of content
  • Localised in language and content
  • Integration with social networks