Singtel launches first portable 5G platform

The device does not need any prior installation of equipment or infrastructure.

Singtel has launched GENIE, the first portable 5G platform in the world, to enable enterprises to experience 5G capabilities and trial use cases in their own premises, the company has announced.

GENIE creates an independent 5G network anywhere it is deployed, which makes it suitable for enterprises that want to conduct trials but do not have a 5G network yet. It can also be used to run short-term events that require temporary 5G networks.

The platform comes without the need for prior installation of equipment or infrastructure, as it is designed to be compact and transportable. Its setup can also be installed in under an hour.

“By bringing 5G right into the customers’ premises, GENIE can help enterprises to quickly validate their solutions with their partners or verify the performance of their end-to-end use cases with no installation cost. The platform is particularly useful for large enterprises which need to test 5G before they decide to invest in their own dedicated network,” said Dennis Wong, vice president, 5G enterprise and cloud, group enterprise at Singtel.

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