Chart of the Day: China leads in Singapore's tourist receipts for Q1

Indonesia and India followed their lead in tourist spendings.

This chart from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) shows that China tops Singapore’s tourism receipts (TR) as Chinese visitors spent $1b in Q1 2018.

According to data from STB, 51% of Chinese tourist spending go to shopping. They also spend on other TR components such as airfares on Singapore-based carriers, port taxes, local transportation, business, medical, education and transit visitors (23%), accommodation (19%), and the least for food (7%).

Indonesia and India followed China’s lead with tourism receipts hitting $652m and $330m, respectively, for Q1.

Overall, tourists spend the most on other components (35%) when they go to Singapore. This is followed by shopping (28%), accomodation (19%), and food and beverage (7%).

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