ST Engineering-SP Group joint venture to build alternative fibre data network

The network’s fibres will be laid alongside SP Group’s power lines.

SP Telecom, a joint venture between ST Engineering and SP Group, unveiled plans to build an alternative fibre network in Singapore.

The network will feature Software-Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualization (SDN-NFV) that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent network congestion and ensure uninterrupted connectivity. It also has in-built with cybersecurity capabilities.

SP Telecom’s fibre network will offer “diversified connectivity,” by laying its fibre alongside SP Group’s power lines instead of using a common infrastructure with other providers. “This will create a separate and distinct network infrastructure, which is also more durable than other fibre cables due to better physical protection being buried deeper underground,” the firm explained.

Network functions can be deployed as a service-on-demand without hardware investment through Business and Operation Support System (B/OSS). “This includes bandwidth on-demand, access to the Internet of Things-as-a-Service (IoT-a-a-S) platform, edge cloud resources, and cybersecurity enhancements,” SP Telecom said.

PCCW Solutions was assigned as SP Telecom’s consultancy partner to develop this end-to-end SDN-NFV fibre network solution.

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