Pandemic impact on Singapore's supply chain, procurement 'mixed'

Booming digital demand for goods and services is driving hiring opportunities.

Singapore has seen a mixed impact of the pandemic towards the supply chain and procurement amidst market recovery, as some sectors have become cautious whilst others have experienced significant boom, according to a Hays report.

Overall, as firms resume work, demand for goods and services has gradually boomed alongside accelerated digital transformation, resulting in more hiring opportunities. As revealed by Hays’ analysis, roles that were formerly placed on hold have resumed hiring, but most continue to be on a replacement basis.

Digital skills have been increasingly critical, the report noted. For the supply chain, this has translated to a demand for knowledge of softwares such as SAP and JDA. Data analytics is also in high demand, as well as supply chain optimisation competencies like Lean Six Sigma certifications and KAIZEN are rising as the manufacturing industry zeroes in on efficiency, Hays said.

“This is especially true in Singapore, where higher costs of doing business place many manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage with global counterparts in places like China, India, and Indonesia.”

Edge computing, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) are also gaining traction, as big data analytics play a key role in boosting supply chain performance whilst edge computing coincides with the spread of IoT devices.

“Candidates would be more likely to set themselves apart in a competitive market by upskilling themselves and getting certified in these areas,” Hays stated.

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