Singaporeans at ease with digital health apps for travel

But only a handful are planning to book international flights as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Only 23% of Singaporeans said they would book international flights within six weeks of restrictions lifting, a survey by travel technology company Amadeus said.

This is lower than the global average of 41% across all markets.

Still, Singaporeans showed the highest level of receptiveness when it came to the use of digital health apps or digital passports to help restart travel. 96% said they would be comfortable using digital health passports, the highest among the nine countries that were surveyed globally.

When it comes to storing health data, 63% of Singaporeans would more likely store health data on an app where a travel company has partnered with a trusted healthcare company.

Three in four Singaporean travelers agreed that they would more likely feel comfortable sharing health data if the airline they frequently travel with offered a way to store travel health data in an app.

51% of Singaporean travelers said that having a travel app that could be used across the entire journey would greatly improve the overall travel experience, while 51% said they would be reassured that all their information is in one place, and 49% indicated this would reduce stress around travel.

“Singaporeans have the highest level of receptiveness when it comes to digital health passports amongst other APAC and western countries. The survey proves that travelers are placing their confidence in digital health passports, which is key in shaping how travel will be rebuilt moving forward,” said the managing director of Amadeus Asia Pacific Mieke De Schepper.

Amadeus surveyed 9000 respondents 18 to 26 last February 2021 across nine markets: UK, Spain, Germany, Russia, UAE, France, India, the United States and Singapore who have travelled abroad in the last 18 months.

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