Singapore's internet fees amongst world's lowest at 39th place: study

At $21.78 per month, the country’s average fee is cheaper than most countries.

When measured against 62 countries, Singapore’s average internet price per month - $21.78 - at a 500 mbps speed passes as an affordable rate, according to a study by promotions and discounts company Picodi.

Singapore ended at the 39th rank, whilst South Africa registered with the highest rated internet monthly fee of $87.24, followed by Iceland with $69.05. Meanwhile, the cheapest rates were found to be in Eastern Europe with Russia at $8, and Ukraine at $6 at 100 mbps speed.

Singapore similarly emerged to be on the cheaper side when fared against fees for providing premium internet service. At 1 gbps, the country’s average monthly fee is at $29. In 24 out of 44 countries, where providers offer such speed, a monthly price exceeds $50. Super-fast internet is the most expensive in Austria and Australia at $220 and $231 respectively. Meanwhile, the cheapest fee for 1 gbps internet comes from Romania at just $9 per month.

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