SATS unveils contactless dining experience

Diners can pre-order popular dishes through a mobile website.

SATS has launched a contactless dining concept for the Singapore General Hospital to showcase the company’s culinary expertise and digital capabilities amidst the slowdown in the recovery of the aviation industry.

Diners can now taste SATS’ signature dishes even when they are not travelling.

The contactless operation involves four kitchen stations—the hot kitchen, regeneration station, assembly station, and packing station—manned by just five kitchen staff.

Diners can pre-order popular dishes through a mobile website before heading down to collect them or place orders via digital kiosks at the SGH Housemen’s Canteen. All orders will be “served” to diners through food lockers that they access after receiving an SMS notification.

“Our culinary expertise, tiered kitchen capabilities, and data analytics enable a ‘live’ menu that is easily tailored to suit different palates at a moment’s notice. Diners will be spoilt for choice with everything at their fingertips,” SATS food solutions CEO Kerry Mok said.

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