Singaporeans' average binge-watch time beats global average

Singaporeans spend two hours and 58 minutes binge-watching, 18 minutes longer than the global average.

Singaporeans binge-watch an average of two hours and 58 minutes in one sitting, up from 2.28 hours last year, according to a research by content delivery network (CDN) firm Limelight Networks.

On a global average, people binge-watch for two hours and 40 minutes at a time, with Americans leading the pack at 3.11 hours.

Singaporeans are now turning to the Internet for their entertainment fix, consuming an average of seven hours and 37 minutes of online videos per week compared to five hours and 73 minutes of television content. They allott 2.33 and 1.99 hours of their online viewing time on movies and TV shows, respectively.

Smartphones (2.08 hours) have taken over computers (1.87 hours) as the preferred medium of watching across the globe. In the Lion City, people watch videos on their smartphones for 2.36 hours per day compared to 2.06 on computers. Viewers ages 18 to 60 are inclined towards smartphones, while those older than 60 still prefer computers.

The study also revealed that 64% of Singaporeans are subscribed to at least one streaming device in 2019, up from 48% last year, and nearly 72% use dedicated streaming devices. More than half (55.3%) said that they would watch live online sports streams if it is not delayed from the broadcast.

Price is a deciding factor in cancelling video subscriptions, with 47% saying they would cancel their cable or satellite subscription and 55% on streaming services if prices would go up.

Singaporeans are more accepting of advertisements placed in the middle of a video if they can skip it (65%) or if it is a short ad placed before (58%). Video rebuffering is another primary concern about online viewing (46.5%), with 36.7% saying they will stop watching if the video rebuffers twice.

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