Singaporeans eagerly awaiting the green light to travel

As many as seven in 10 Singaporeans say they are willing to travel the moment border restrictions are lifted.

More than half of Singaporeans say they are looking forward to travel to their preferred destinations as soon as they’re allowed. Though it’s still unknown exactly when travel restrictions will be relaxed, travellers are planning to visit even the areas where COVID-19 has hit the hardest.

A travel intent survey, conducted by digital travel services provider YouTrip, revealed that 54% of Singaporean respondents would be happy to  to travel as soon as the restrictions are withdrawn. Of thise, 40% said they were still holding out hope to visit COVID-19 hotspots such as the US. Top countries travellers were looking to visit were noted as Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The survey also found that 85% of the people were prepared to spend even more on their next holiday, as a way to compensate for their previously cancelled plans.

Commenting on these findings, Caecilia Chu, co-founder and CEO of YouTrip, said, “It’s encouraging to see signs of travel recovering after months of pent up demand.”

But there may still be some barriers to overcome, including an expected increase in the price of international flight bookings.

The chief economist of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Brian Pearce, has estimated that prices may increase by 43-54% as airliines look to offset the additional costs incurred by in-flight social distancing policies.

He says this could deter as many as 72% of travellers from executing their current plans.

YouTrip has found that "pay now, travel later" promotions have been incentivising travelers. Chu says 58% of the survey respondents felt they would be enticed to travel this year if they were offered with promotional prices.

The survey further showed that discounts of 50% or above will make travellers more willing to purchase.

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