Skyports to reveal vertical air taxi port at Marina Bay

Germany-based air taxi firm Volocopter will also conduct a demo flight.

Essex-based Skyports plans to show off the vertical take-off and landing station during the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress on 21-25 October at Marina Bay and Germany’s Volocopter GmbH is also bringing along its electric aircraft for a demonstration flight.

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“Helicopters have been around a long time but they’re not well used, particularly in cities, because they’re noisy, dangerous and polluting,” Skyports Managing Director Duncan Walker told Bloomberg by phone.

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People attending the conference can tour the building and it will open to the public on 25 October.

Visitors will get to sit inside the aircraft on the ground and a test pilot will take it up for a solo demo flight, said Volocopter spokeswoman Helena Treeck. “We want to see how the public reacts to it, whether it’s too loud, whether they would feel safe flying in it.”

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