1 in 4 Singaporeans dine out everyday

7 in 10 eat out for dinner.

More Singaporeans choose to eat out on a daily basis as about one in four (24%) said that they eat out daily which is higher compared to the 19% who said they eat out on a daily basis in 2015, a study by Nielsen found.

On a weekly basis, 55% of Singaporeans said that they eat out which is slightly higher than the 51% who said the same in 2015.

Of the three daily meals, dinner (72%) is the most highly consumed by Singaporeans out of their homes compared to lunch (66%), and breakfast (15%).

The survey also found that casual dining outlets (81%) were Singaporeans top choice for their dine outs in the last six months. This was followed by quick serve restaurants (76%), and cafes (64%).

“Healthfulness and convenience are the often the key determinant when it comes to meal planning, but quality, taste and freshness remain critical,” Nielsen Singapore managing director Johan Vrancken said. “Retailers and manufacturers need to consider the entire consumption spectrum, both in and out of home, to capture the wallet and grow their brands.”

In addition, the study found that 44% of Singaporeans have tried purchasing restaurant deliveries or meal-kit delivery service online which is higher to the global average of 33%.

“Amidst the myriad of solutions and offerings by brands and businesses, consumers are seeking for more ‘on-demand’ services to cater to their time-starved lifestyle,” Vrancken explained.

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