Grab steps up rewards scheme to reduce cancellations by drivers

Riders will also get 100 reward points for each time a driver cancels up on them.

Grab will roll out more rewards for both drivers and passengers in its crusade to trim down cancellation rates by drivers.

The firm has decided to launch a 5-star driver campaign where drivers of GrabCar and GrabTaxi drivers who contribute at least ten 5-star rides and have 0 cancellations from 15th - 21st Oct, will split a grand jackpot of at least $25,000. This jackpot increases when more 5-star rides have been made.

Earlier, the ride-hailing firm introduced a spot bonus where drivers can get $3 on top of the existing fare for farther trips.

“The spot bonus, along with other initiatives, has already seen cancellation rates gone down by 20% since we launched a month ago,” Grab Singapore head Lim Kell Jay said.

According to feedbacks, one of the most common reasons for driver cancellation is the far pickup locations.

Meanwhile, riders will get 100 reward points for each time their driver cancels up on them.

“This is available to all Grab passengers in Singapore, and is on top of the auto re-booking feature we launched in July, which allows the Grab app to automatically finds passenger a new driver if the previous driver cancels on the booking,” Lim said.

Moreover, Lim revealed that Grab kicked off its pilot of a new feature that allows passengers to change their drop off location within the app, even after the trip has started where price will be updated according to the new drop off and drivers will be notified with the new price and location immediately.

“The pilot is rolled out to 25% of Grab passengers in Singapore starting 8 September, and we will be gathering feedback from drivers and passengers before deciding how we can further improve the product for everyone,” Grab said.

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