Meat for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

It’s important to have balance in life. I’m a Gemini and my twins are often fighting against each other, one is good and one is evil, but on the whole we work out somewhere in the middle 😉

Equally with my food, last week had a healthy focus and this week is distinctly less so. Although I’d like to stress that the not so healthy food I eat is still usually good ingredients, just perhaps less good for you than a light salad or plate of sashimi.

Carvers & Co for Meat with an Italian twist

I read about Carvers a couple of months ago, the Singaporean owned and run restaurant was taking some of their team to Italy, to an area of the Dolomites that I know and love. I was impressed with the commitment to education and training and since then I’ve wanted to find out more. Last weekend I arranged to meet a good friend of mine at this increasingly good stretch of Katong/Joo Chiat (I’m not sure where one starts and one ends).

When I arrived I was greeted very kindly by Wen Soh, he’d previously invited me to a dinner (paid not a freebie) at Carvers and although I was unable to attend he’d remembered my name when I made the reservation (plus my friend might have blabbed that I was a food blogger 😉 ) I’d like to think that this is not the reason the service was so good. In fact I’m reasonably confident from what I saw that the staff here are engaged, informed and super smiley. This was obviously a big plus as a starter. The space is also really cute, it’s casual and relaxed, bistro like, with a casual sense of style. It was perfect for a Saturday night and they had a good number of people from the time we arrived at 6.30pm until we left at 8pm.

My first look at the menu left me slightly surprised. It’s a brief menu, offering only around four each of starters, sides and mains. As expected, the mains are meat heavy, but there are good options for salad and pasta as well for the non carnivores. We chose the kimchi and cheese fries, anchovy pasta, beetroot and orange salad and the wagyu, all to share between three of us.

To start at the start, those kimchi fries are possibly the best fries I’ve ever had. Totally moreish, full of flavour and naughty without being sickening (and we really did our best!) We even took our fries from the wagyu plate and dipped them in the remaining sauce it was so good. And although I’m not a huge fan of kimchi, this version was neither sweet nor too bitter and it added just the right amount of flavour. The dish is a concoction invented by one of the younger chefs, definitely university food but in a good way

Next up was the anchovy pasta, served with a sous vide egg. Again, triumphant. Not oily, perfectly al dente spaghetti and the egg mixed through the pasta pulled the whole dish together beautifully.

The beetroot and orange salad with feta was fine, but it was just a salad of a few greens and the aforementioned ingredients, nothing to rave about.

The wagyu on the other hand was gorgeous. Cooked perfectly medium rare, seasoned well, marbled but not too fatty and served with fries, coleslaw and a green salad. We were also served more of the anchovy butter and a tomato relish to try with the steak. The anchovy butter is fantastic. Salty but smooth and wonderful with both the pasta and the steak.

Two of us enjoyed a glass of Montepulciano red wine and in total we paid $50 per head, including tax and service. I’ll definitely be back to try the Carvers plate and more of those fries as well as the anchovy pasta.
Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road, Singapore
phone +65 6348 0448

Meatsmith for Casual Lunch or Dinner

A friend of mine was delighted when Meatsmith recently opened around the corner from his new apartment. He’s since made himself a regular at this very American themed eatery. Walking into Meatsmith you can’t help but notice the American influence immediately, it’s all wood benches, bar stools, cowboy music and I feel like the staff even had an American twang (but I think I just imagined that). You order at the bar which, if you ask me (because I’m possibly a bit of a princess), is a bit annoying. But ok.

The menu is brief and very meat and fried food heavy. Do not visit here if you’re looking for salad. I don’t think there was a vegetable that wasn’t deep fried. In saying that the food wasn’t bad at all. The fried green tomatoes and fried okra were both fresh, crisp and not at all oily. We all chose a burger, or sandwiches as they’re called here. Brisket and pulled pork. What I particularly loved were the sizes, the neat little sandwiches are the perfect amount for a decent but not heavy dinner.

We had a couple of sides too so I suppose that helped, but I could easily nip into Meatsmith to eat one of these babies for dinner and get out without feeling over stuffed and ripped off. At $17 for a beef brisket burger, or $16 for the pulled pork (plus gst), it’s not a bad meal out. There is no service charge presumably because you order at the bar. But it’s kind of dumb because there’s still half a dozen staff wandering around and bringing food to your table anyway so I don’t see why they can’t just take your orders and still incorporate the service charge into the price (which they’re basically doing anyway). But hey ho. Anyway, great place for a quick meal, a good beer and wine list and even some good tunes.
167 – 169 Telok Ayer, Singapore
phone +65 6221 2262

Club Meatballs for Brunch

My second visit to Club Meatballs was for brunch (I wrote about dinner here). I guess I’d say I prefer the dinner menu but then again if you happen to be in this area for brunch on the weekend then Club Meatballs is a good option.

I liked that the menu included a few more unusual choices like the Squashed Balls Benedict (more on that in a moment) and Catalan specialties like Sobrassada (a chorizo like sausage) served with Gorganzola on ciabatta bread. I had the Squashed Balls Benedict with salmon. The salmon was cooked (as opposed to smoked) and was less like balls and more like mash, but tasty nonetheless. The very very runny egg was right up my alley but the toast unfortunately became a little soggy under the toppings. A firm sourdough would have been perfect.

Husband enjoyed the Huevos con chorizo, an omelette like dish with the addition of two softer eggs on top, all served in the pan with a side of toast.

Coffee was excellent (as you would expect given that the staff are trained by the baristas at Sarnies) and we spent $65 for two coffees (per person) and two breakfasts.
Club Meatballs
20 Cross Street, 01-35, China Square Central (corner of China Street), Singapore
phone +65 6222 8660

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