Not Your Standard Supermarket Steak

Regular readers will know that I only write about a restaurant multiple times if it deserves the attention. Well the steak at SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar definitely deserves the attention. I’ve written a post about dinner at SPRMRKT before, but that dinner was a lot different to my most recent dinner. In fact the first dinner was a pescatarian dinner. That dinner though enticed me to go back with a few hungry meat eaters. The fact that SPRMRKT managed both very well is the sign of a good restaurant.

SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar can be found along the Singapore River behind the Singapore Tyler Print Institude. There’s a mix of outdoor and indoor seating downstairs but you want to head upstairs to the Kitchen & Bar. SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay offers two dining concepts. Downstairs is SPRMRKT Daily offering a casual dining space with a brunch and lunch menu. The location is indeed a perfect weekend brunch venue, but so far it hasn’t lived up to expectations for me. Upstairs is a more refined affair with a menu offering a solid selection of options that include several sharing portions. On both my visits I’ve found both the dinner and the service impressive.

The venue

Upstairs you’ll find simple furniture offset by some rather unusual art that captures human sized photos of food. The art is not my style, it seems a little like giant advertising billboards, but I guess everyone has different tastes. The ambience is fairly quiet, well lit and maybe just a tad too bright. There’s a good mix of big round tables (good for sharing) and booth style seating. The vibe is casual and classy, if I had to put a city’s name on it that would be Sydney.

The SPRMRKT menu offers sharing portions if you like, but it’s also easy to pick and choose individual meals. We were a group of four and we were all hungry for some steak though so we opted to share. For our mains we decided to share a Korobuta pork collar ($32++) and a 1kg T-Bone steak ($150++). Yes the price for the steak is fairly eye popping, but, the steak was exceptional. And whilst there was a bone involved, I’d guess there was still at least 700g of meat between four of us, which is ample combined with everything else we ordered (and probably even without half of it!).

The Steak

The steak was well seasoned and cooked perfectly medium rare without that wobble when your knife slides through a more rare version. It wasn’t chewy and it had a nice, glistening rim of fat that gave it moisture without being as fatty as wagyu. Thinking about it makes me salivate. The Kurobota pork was also good, but paled a little compared to the steak. My only real complaint was the small portion of baby potatoes with ricotta as the side for the T-Bone.

The Rest

We also ordered the haddock pate ($15++), soft shell crab with kale ($19++) and a chicken chorizo dish ($27++) to start.  All were good but my highlight (again) of the starters was the haddock pate. It’s light and smokey and just the right amount of fishy. Soft shell crab was a pleasant combination of crispy crab with a nicely dressed kale salad to lighten things up. The chicken chorizo was a rolled thigh (I think) fillet with chorizo and it was served with lentils and an egg. Kind of an unusual dish and maybe a bit over the top for the other, relatively simple, dishes. All the other meals came with decent sides included, making a big difference between having to order entirely separate sides as you so often have to these days.

We also enjoyed a bottle of Cotes du Rhone red ($95++) plus a drink each before we started. Our entire bill worked out at less than $115 per person which, for the quality and experience, was well worth the money.

Also worth noting is the great bar in the lobby of the new Warehouse Hotel. The location is the old warehouses on Singapore River, across from SPRMRKT, and the space is super cool. It’s dimly lit and they do great cocktails with funky local flavours. Definitely worth checking out.
SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar (pronounced supermarket)
#02-01, 41 Robertson Quay (on the river side of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute)
phone +65 9736 4032
Note that the booking link below takes you to the site for the Kitchen & Bar, there are separate booking links for the McAllum Street location and the downstairs location at Robertson Quay.

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