A Perfect Weekend Breakfast

What is your idea of the perfect weekend breakfast? For me eggs, more or less, have to be involved. Sometimes I prefer them sweet, like in French Toast, and sometimes a soft boiled egg on toast is just about the best thing in the world. Then there are times when you might feel like something a bit fancy, an Eggs Benedict maybe, and then there’s the good ‘ole Full English. Nothing quite beats that for a weekend breakfast, especially if you’ve had few too many drinks the night before! I’ve written about some of my favourite breakfast places in Singapore before but I’ve decided that this one deserves its very own special write up.

Common Man Coffee Roasters has been around for a while now and they certainly don’t need me writing about them to bring people in the door. On most weekends the queues snake out the entrance and onto the sidewalk along Martin Road. But if finding a good weekend breakfast is something you’ve been hankering for, and you haven’t been to Common Man, you need to go soon.

I’ve now been probably half a dozen times (it’s near our condo) and as yet I haven’t had a bad experience *touches wood frantically*. Although Common Man is always busy, the seating arrangements are varied, lots of bar stools and communal seating, so you usually don’t have to wait too long for a seat (I suggest not arriving at 10am on a Saturday if you’re in a hurry though). The staff here are good, iced water is topped up frequently and service is swift and efficient (for the most part) and coffee orders are taken smartly.

And the coffee is really good. I mean really, really good. It’s no surprise that Common Man has been set up by a group that includes Harry Grover of 40 Hands and 5 Senses Coffee from ‘Straya, so they know a thing or two about a) coffee and b) how to run a good coffee shop. And please don’t judge the coffee by my average photo, I waited too long before I took this photo and the milk froth has started to settle which looks bad. But I promise it tastes good!

The menu offers a mix of standard breakfast options, with a few more interesting choices thrown into the mix. One I tried recently was the green pea fritters with two poached organic eggs, crispy pancetta and balsamic syrup. The combination was perfect, the crispy fritters drowned in gooey yolk from the beautiful organic eggs they use at Common Man, with the pancetta adding a salty balance to the mix. Yum.

On another visit my sweet tooth was crying out and was satiated by the brioche French toast, with berries, maple syrup and ice cream. Yes ice cream for breakfast! Yes decadent. And yes good. Husband always goes for the Common Man Full Breakfast and his only complaint is that, “breakfast plates shouldn’t include green on them,” ie please don’t pretend to try and make this a healthy choice.

One of the great things about the menu is that you can try as little or as much as you like. If you just want two poached eggs ($6) and two slices of sourdough ($5) you can order that. Or if you want to go the whole hog of the Common Man Full Breakfast that will set you back $26. There are also a multitude of options in between.

I wouldn’t describe Common Man as cheap, but it’s good value, the high quality ingredients are well worth the price you pay and the menu selection offers something for everyone. And the coffee is just divine. In fact, if you are really into coffee tasting you can head down to Common Man for their Coffee Cupping sessions every Wednesday between 2pm and 3pm to learn the art of coffee tasting. I’m yet to try it but it’s on my list!

Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road, Singapore, 239058
phone +65 6836 4695

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