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You may have heard of Singapore’s annual LGBT Pride Event, Pink Dot. This year’s event takes place at 5pm on Saturday 1st July at Hong Lim Park. Following the continued success of the event over the years the government has slapped down some very medieval rules around who and how the event can be supported in 2017. There are two strands to the crackdown. One relates to corporate sponsorship and one relates to participation.

Corporate Sponsorship of Pink Dot

Companies that aren’t Singaporean owned are basically now unable to support Pink Dot. That includes Singapore Foodie because, whilst I’m a Permanent Resident, I am not a citizen.

To fill the large void left by long term supporters like Barclays, JP Morgan, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc the founder of local startup, Mr Darius Cheung, spearheaded the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign to get 50 local companies on board to support the event. And viola! funding has been acquired. It’s great to see such a negative turned into such a show of support for inclusiveness in Singapore.

Participation in Pink Dot

In past years pretty much anyone could rock up to the Pink Dot event in Hong Lim Park and show their support. Last year there was a restriction that the pinnacle of the event, a showing of pink placards, could only include Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents. This year the government has gone a step further and will only allow Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents to assemble at ‘Speakers Corner’ (I use the term loosely!). As a Permanent Resident I will definitely be there, and for any of you out there I encourage you to come and support.

Food Related Supporters of Pink Dot

As a food writer in Singapore there is one thing I can do. And that is to showcase the F&B businesses that are supporting Pink Dot, so that is exactly what this post will do. I’ve done my best to breakdown the companies who have supported Pink Dot into the names of businesses that you and I know. I’m so happy to see such a great representation from the F&B industry and from Singaporean businesses. Let’s hope the changes in law ultimately result in moving the LGBT issue forward in Singapore. Show your support by visiting these businesses!

Aloha Poke

A sponsorship of $5k is pretty impressive for a relative newcomer to the F&B scene. I’ve written about Aloha Poke here and I’m now even more impressed with their corporate values.

Bettr Barista

This barista academy is a socially responsible business operating a business model for profit and purpose. With causes like empowering women and youth-at-risk Bettr Barista is a certified B Corporation (using business to solve social and environmental problems). You can read more about Bettr Barista here.


Here’s where sponsorship of an event like Pink Dot pays off. I’d never heard of these folks before, I will now actively seek out their product at this list of businesses who stock COCOLOCO.


Lolla has been a consistently good place to eat for years now. I haven’t written a lot about it but I’ve been several times (photos are never up to scratch because of dim lighting!) and always enjoyed the food. You can read more here.

Loof (Lo & Behold Group)

I visited Loof last Saturday as it happens. A long standing Singapore rooftop bar in an out of the way little spot, it’s definitely good for a few drinks and a bite to eat. See read more here.

Overeasy – Fullerton and Orchard (Lo & Behold Group)

Burgers baby! The Fullerton location is great for after work drinks but it does get ridiculously busy. The Orchard branch is a more subdued affair and good for a stop off if you’re along Orchard Road. You can read more here.

Pho Stop

I visited the Tanjong Pagar outlet once and wolfed down the tasty Vietnamese food with my drinks at The Bar Above. See their Facebook page for other outlets.

The Daily Cut

I’m rarely patient enough to queue but The Daily Cut does a roaring trade in healthy lunch time meals. For a list of outlets click here.

The White Rabbit and The Rabbit Hole (Lo & Behold Group)

A stalwart of the Singapore dining scene The White Rabbit occupies a stunning location in an old church at Dempsey. The building is eye catching enough and the gorgeous garden out the back has now been converted into The Rabbit Hole, a gin den and haven for a quite night sipping summery drinks (or a lovely wedding!).

Tanjong Beach Club (Lo & Behold Group)

It’s not for everyone but Tanjong Beach Club is good for a time and place. Aside from hosting great events the brunch is a nice way to spend Sunday by the sea, even if you can’t face donning a swimming costume and parading with the young people from early afternoon. You can read more here.

Extra Virgin Pizza (Lo & Behold Group)

By all accounts an excellent, crispy based, pizza. They’re at Asia Square or on Deliveroo.

The Black Swan (Lo & Behold Group)

A classic venue for post work drinks, especially if oysters and a glass of bubbles are your thing. The set lunch menu is also good value and the art deco building is always lovely to look at. You can read more here.

The Daily Roundup (Lo & Behold Group)

For French savoury galettes and sweet crepes The Daily Roundup offers a light brunching menu for the health conscious diner. They also do acai bowls, salads and a few cheeky treats. You can see a full menu here.

Odette (Lo & Behold Group)

Snapping into the Asia’s 50 Best list as the highest new entry of all time, Odette has been wowing diners since it opened in 2016. You can read a full review here.

Po (Lo & Behold Group)

And last, but not least, is Po at newly opened Warehouse Hotel. I’ve been for lunch and we did the ‘build your own popiah’ as a starter. It’s actually a really cute concept and a great idea for a group of two to four people. Flavours are good and the venue is lovely.

For a full list of all the Singaporean companies that are supporting Pink Dot go to the Red Dot for Pink Dot page.

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