Two New Bars Above

A quick post about two new bars and apologies for the lack of photos. I have no excuse other than laziness and distraction. However it’s still worth sharing these two new bars in town and, in fact, both within walking distance of each other.

For a cold beer (and God knows we need it in this weather) head up the ’STAIRWAY TO BEER HEAVEN’ found at 21 Boon Tat Street and into Freehouse. This college style bar, I’m not sure why I call it that but I was with an American and she concurred, is the right mix of casual, good service and a fun vibe. Whilst my immediate feeling was that the lights were a little too bright, once we settled in things seemed to get more comfortable. There is table service and staff are helpful and knowledgable about the beer. I’m fussy on beer in that I like plain beer. Just lager, none of this fancy pants pale ale and pilsner and all of that. Which seemed a little challenging to start but I was recommended the draft lager (first on the list) and it hit the spot perfectly. My friend A went for a blonde beer and also enjoyed.

We decided to sample some snacks whilst we were there and went for the spicy mushroom mantou buns. Wow. These babies packed some punch. The filling was a great combination of spice and mushrooms, giving it a real kick and a hearty mouthful. The mantou I thought were a little too oily and after one and a half I was feeling a bit sickly. In saying that, the beer was the perfect accompaniment to cut through the heaviness. Other snacks included burgers, nachos and cereal frog legs, everything included a slight Asian twist making it a little more unusual than your standard bar food.

Tables here are arranged over two floors, with a good mix of tables for groups and bar seating for couples and singles. Beer prices are low, $9 for a half pint and $13 for a full pint, so I can see Freehouse becoming a regular haunt for beer craving city dwellers.
21A Boon Tat Street, Singapore
Open Monday to Saturday 5pm to midnight

Next up, literally, was The Bar Above. Like the name says, this bar was above The Pho Stop, a little Vietnamese restaurant on Tanjong Pagar Road. The steep stairs lead to a clean and newly painted space above where you’ll find a basic bar and a good sized seating area in air conditioned comfort. Head left and you’ll find yourself outside on a rooftop terrace peering up at the skyscrapers all around. Unfortunately I only did a snapchat (@singfoodie if you’d like to follow me) and so my footage has now disappeared The space is very cool and a great place to hang out for a casual evening. We loved the novelty of ordering food from the downstairs restaurant and having it brought up. In our

In case The Pho Stop had closed but we were given menus from Chicken Up next door that included instructions on how to order by text. Our food duly arrived around half an hour later in this cute little bag pictured above. We had a Korean style pancake for $20 and that included delivery. Not too bad for two lazy girls who were enjoying their glasses of Rose ($14 per glass) on a very warm evening. The bar is basic but includes AIX Rose and other basic white and red wines, cocktails and spirits.
The Bar Above
72 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

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