Escape Indoors

There’s nothing quite like comfort food when you’re feeling down and out. And as much as I hate harping on about the same thing from week to week, now that we’re about to enter our third hazy month we just have to get on with it and make the best of the situation. So here are a few options to escape indoors with comfort food options to help you pull on through.

Food Matters

If the thought of even going outside is enough to make you stay home, why not order in? I’ve been trialling a food delivery service called Food Matters. So far I’m on the fence but there’s enough potential that I’ve renewed my subscription for another month. I’ve just done the $40 per month option, which gives me one meal per week for the month. At $10 a meal this is not cheap, and portion sizes are not huge, but they’ve been just enough for me (not so for Husband).

The tandoori chicken wrap was ok although nothing to shout about and the lentil salad (below) was good but had too much onion for me. The top picture shows the whole package that you get on the first delivery. It includes a cute wallet for your cutlery, including chopsticks, that you keep to use thereafter.

The Assam Laksa was surprisingly good, although cold by the time I got to it (only about 10 minutes after it was delivered). But the spice and flavours were robust and the serving was filling.

The quality is good and delivery is between 11am and 1pm on your chosen days, which does mean that sometimes you’re waiting until the latest moment with danger of starvation 😉 You can change delivery address as you go, so for instance, I sent some to Husband’s office when I wasn’t going to be around for lunch. The flexibility is a big draw, you just have to decide 24 hours in advance.

The other big draw is that nutritional info is listed for every meal, so if you’re health conscious you can let that drive your eating decisions. For next week I’ve ordered the soba noodles with seaweed and chicken which I have high hopes for. You can see the full menu here. Four deliveries per month i.e. one per week is $40 for the month, if you go with five deliveries per week it’s $140 per month, all inclusive. You can also choose to upsize your order by paying an extra $2.50 per meal.
Food Matters
Delivery locations are all over town, you can find them listed here

Victor’s Kitchen

Dim sum is up there with my very favourite comfort foods. A Xiao Long Bao goes a long way to warming the heart and lifting the spirit. Dim sum is also a great meal to have with a group, (so long as no one’s a vegetarian – the veggie options are a little restrictive), the banter and camaraderie of friends or colleagues can help everyone see the bright side of life.
Victor’s at Sunshine Plaza is a cheap and cheerful option in the Bras Basah area. The little shop has been around forever and has managed to keep things simple and reasonably priced to get the return customers. In saying that, it’s not super cheap, but they do tend to be full every lunch time and there are other dim sum places around, so that says something. We paid $11 per head for 3 or 4 baskets of dim sum each, enough to fill you up but not to leave you bursting. Victor’s will also take a booking for a table if you want to make sure you can get a seat at a particular time. Another plus is that service is good, bordering on friendly, unusual for a bustling dim sum joint at lunch time in my experience.

We enjoyed standard Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai dumplings with soup inside), Siew Mai (open top pork dumplings), Chiu-chao fan guo (dumplings with pork, shrimp and peanuts), Cheong fan (rolled rice noodles) and Liu Sha Bao (salted egg yolk lava buns) as well as a couple of others. I enjoyed all of them and my biggest surprise was the lava bun. The salty egg is really more savoury than sweet, and the flavour is a good end to your meal after the heaviness of the meat dumplings. Oh, and Victor’s is well inside Sunshine Plaza and out of the haze!

Also see their Facebook page for a high tea (probably an exaggeration!) promotion where you can get one hot drink and one dim sum dish for $6.90, a great option for trying the egg yolk lava buns.
Victor’s Kitchen
Sunshine Plaza, #01-49, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore
phone +65 9838 2851
Open Monday to Sunday from 10.30am to 8pm

2am: dessertbar

A comfort food post wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Since mooching around in the outdoors isn’t an option right now, escape indoors to the gorgeous and amazing 2am Dessert Bar. This dessert bar, offering not only desserts but cocktails, cool tunes and a theatre of entertainment in creation of beautiful desserts, is worth a trip in itself. You can read more here.
2am: dessertbar
21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore
phone +65 6291 9727 for reservations
Open Tues to Fri 3pm to 2am, Sat and Sun from 2pm to 2am, closed Monday

Where are you hiding out to eat in the haze? 

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