Chill out this Christmas

Being in Singapore over the Christmas ‘break’ is a great time to get out and explore. We’re so lucky on our little red dot to be blessed with an abundance of choices for days out. And the time around Christmas and New Year is ideal to enjoy the quieter spaces whilst most people are off somewhere exotic. Whilst I’m home in Melbourne for Christmas, I’ll be back on Boxing Day. I’m looking forward to the week before New Year as a chance to sneak off for a cheeky afternoon drink, enjoy a lunch out somewhere special and to plan for New Year’s celebrations. Here are five ideas to get your through the week.

Treat yourself to a fancy lunch

There are plenty of places around town to enjoy a fancy lunch. Many are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day but the ones below will be open from the 27th through to New Year’s Eve.


One of the best openings of recent times in the city has been Artemis. This savvy restaurant and bar ticks all the boxes for a great fancy lunch. And it’s the kind of place where it’s very easy to settle in and stay on into the afternoon after a few glasses of wine. You can read more here.

Stellar at 1-Altitude

For one of the most fantastic views of Marina Bay Sands, combined with a brilliant lunch, Stellar is a great option. The classy dining room always makes you feel like it’s a treat so it’s perfect for a holiday lunch. You can read more here.


Always a classic choice for lunch Pollen is like a breath of fresh air with its lush greenery and views out onto the Gardens by the Bay. Food is excellent, with service to match. You can read more here.

Hang out on Sentosa

We all have our different views about Sentosa and, quite honestly, mine range between severe dislike to having a ball of a time. Here’s an idea, take the cable car over to the island, get on a luge at the end of the cable car and zoom down hill at speed, then pop into Coastes for a rosé and pizza. Seriously this is a great fun day out and I’ve taken multiple visitors out there to enjoy the same. Little birdies tell me there’s a new hang out in town on Siloso Beach too. FOC, the tapas bar from Hong Kong Street, has set up shop on Sentosa. Complete with an open pool area for guests this is a more Mediterranean option than being at Tanjong Beach Club.

Wander Around Dempsey

Dempsey is a funny old place. It’s a mix of old and new and everything in between. What’s nice is that there are plenty of different choices for eating out while you’re there.

  • For the outdoors and a modern menu you can head to Open Farm Community. This bustling restaurant is set amongst a lush garden and serves modern international cuisine. You’ll also find healthy smoothies and a decent coffee if you need it. You can read more here.
  • For traditional Indian that’s been around forever you can’t go past Samy’s.
  • And if it’s a hearty meat fix you’re after then Huber’s Butchery is well known for their meat-centric menu including simple sausages and bread all the way up to a fillet steak.

    Take a day trip to the beach

    Now I don’t mean that fakey fake beach at Sentosa. I mean the shores of Pasir Ris. Located opposite Pulau Ubin on the mainland Pasir Ris is a garden playground with miles of bike paths and walking paths snaking through several kilometres. You can stop at a cafe for a bite to eat or cook your own food on one of the many barbecues.

    Get Kultured

    Meander around the awesome works on display as part of the Singapore Biennale 2016. The Singapore Art Museum is hosting the Biennale until February 2017. The art is showcased in and around the museum so it’s a perfect place just to wander by if you’re in the area. There are also a couple of great, casual cafes you can visit while you’re in the area. One of my favourites is Paper Crane, a recently opened cafe on Waterloo Street. You can read more here.

    Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get out and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Embrace the city we live in and all it offers us. And share your thoughts below 🙂

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