Red Eye Smokehouse and Druggists

If you’ve lived in Singapore for a while you might find yourself bored with the same old places to go out. There’s no shortage of restaurants, but sometimes there’s a craving to get something out of the ordinary. Last weekend we had an early birthday celebration for a friend. He’s a bit of a meat fiend and doesn’t like anything fancy so I chose Red Eye Smokehouse up on Cavan Road. Have you ever been to this area? Every time I do I love finding eclectic little pockets of activity and it seems to be bubbling with more and more life each time I visit.

There’s been a buzz here for a while now. Chye Seng Huat Hardware was the trailblazer on the coffee scene in Tyrwhitt Road. Gradually there’s been new and exciting openings like aeiou cafe, The Refinery and Druggists. Char has also recently moved into this ‘hood and for about the past year we have had Red Eye Smokehouse on Cavan Road.

Red Eye Smokehouse only take reservations for six people or more. Since we were around the corner having a beer though I wandered in to see if I could reserve a table for four for us after our beers. The very friendly woman happily took the reservation since I was standing there in person and unlikely to no-show. Which just gave us the peace of mind to relax and enjoy our drinks knowing that we didn’t have a queue. Not that it was super busy to be fair, but peace of mind nonetheless.

Ordering happens at the bar. This is a smart strategy by owners, it takes away opportunities for service staff to fuck up and piss me off. Me fussy? Well no, I just like people to pay attention if they’re doing a job and sooo often I am getting jacked off with the lack of a) care factor; b) ability and; c) personality; in service staff. Rant over. In this case we weren’t quite sure how much to order but staff were super helpful in guiding us. So much so that we actually ended up ordering only just enough food, which was good for us because they didn’t let us over order.

We went for a Pitmaster Plate, two serves of jerk chicken, sides of mashed potato, coleslaw, corn pudding and corn bread. Oh, and we also ordered the Machos Nachos. Let me dissect our food for you 🙂

The nachos came first. They were uber excellent. Crunchy tortilla chips, real beef pieces, tomatoes, cheese, jalapeños and a sweet-ish sauce as well. We had ordered the large size ($18 – no plus plus here) and we devoured it. It was the perfect starter, totally satisfying you but leaving you hankering for more good food.

The Pitmaster Plate ($38) arrived with the jerk chicken and sides on it. Each of the bigger plates comes with a free side too. The Pitmaster Plate included chorizo sausage, pulled pork, beef brisket, pickles and two bread rolls. On top of that we added the two giant pieces of jerk chicken ($4 each). Along with our sides this fed four fairly hungry eaters. Whilst we could have eaten more I was glad we didn’t, the boys may disagree 😉

The meat was totally on the money. Beef was tender and my only complaint was that there wasn’t much of it. The sausage was hearty with a bit of spice and not too fatty, chicken was smokey and juicy. A little less sweetness in the pulled pork sauce would have made it all perfect.

In terms of sides the bone marrow mash totally blew my mind. On the other hand the corn pudding was more like a dessert than a side. We all enjoyed the corn bread that was super moist. I had wanted to try the broccoli salad and had food envy when I saw it on someone’s plate. We’ll save that for next time I guess.

The guys were drinking draft beer at $13 each and us girls tried the whiskey sours at $19 each. The cocktails were a nice sour offset to the meat and heavy sides. And the beer, well I guess beer is beer? 😉

The four of us loved Red Eye for the great food, great service and because we walked out having only spent around $45 each. Whilst Red Eye is not somewhere to sit around and chew the fat, if you want good food at decent prices before heading off somewhere else then it’s perfect.

Red Eye Smokehouse
1 Cavan Road, Singapore
phone +65 6291 0218

119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore

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