Decker Barbecue at Robertson Quay

Following on from last week I’m going local again, this time at Robertson Quay. For those with an addiction or even a slight temptation towards meat, sandwiches and the current barbecue trend, I have news hot of the press for you. Decker Barbecue has just opened down at Robertson Quay, directly behind Boomarang, and initial impressions are promising.

Let’s start with what Decker isn’t. It is not a place to go for a romantic dinner, even for a vaguely relaxing dinner, and it’s most definitely not a spot for vegetarians. What it is perfect for is a casual and quick dinner. We headed down on a Friday night recently to discover whether the new kid in Robertson Quay was going to be a welcome entry to our little ‘hood. I had been out for lunch that day and happened to be more dressed up than usual (ie I was wearing a dress as opposed to the usual uniform of jeans or shorts) so I felt considerably overdressed when we rocked in at Decker and found a very casual outdoor venue (see photo below with the very plain table setting). Tables are set under cover but in a walk way area, you grab a seat and then order at the bar and wait for food to arrive. Which it does. Very quickly!

The menu offers a range of barbecue meat that is smoked in the ovens on the premises. For Thanksgiving they offered turkey but the standard menu features the usual suspects of baby back ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken. Thankfully vegetables feature in the sides, primarily in the form of a kale salad and a coleslaw, as well as fries if you want to push the boat out and declare them a vegetable 😉

Husband went for baby back ribs (250g for $22.50) and I went for a pulled pork sandwich ($18). We also ordered one of each salad ($6 and $9) and a serve of fries ($7), one glass of wine ($13) and a beer ($14). The pulled pork sandwich was seriously good, I’d go as far as to say it rivalled the Burnt Ends version, but then I haven’t had that for a while so it may just be that my memory has caved a little over time. Added to the pork was the crunchy red cabbage coleslaw. Drippy and messy and lovely and encased in a soft bun that was easy to gobble down.

Husband’s ribs were good too, succulent and marinated in a not-too-overpowering sauce. Fries were super crispy and addictive and the salads were ok. The coleslaw was my preference as the dressing was lighter, the kale salad had a creamy dressing and parmesan to top it off which made it a lot less healthy and a lot more heavy. Wine and beer were good and reasonably priced (well $14 for a beer sounds a lot to me but it was Husband’s favourit, Little Creatures).

Decker is a good spot to head to for a relaxed meal, there were groups of families and young people on our visit, and given they’ve only been open a few weeks they seem to have things well sorted. Taking the service out of the equation is not a bad option for this type of venue, it’s not the kind of place where you feel so settled in you can’t be bothered to get up and get another beer if you want one and equally you don’t have to wait long for the food to arrive.
Decker Barbecue
60 Robertson Quay, Singapore
phone +65 6635 8565
Open Tuesday to Sunday 6pm to 10pm

Les Bouchons for Champagne

Since our dinner experience only took about 30 to 40 minutes we felt like another drink was in order so we wandered along Robertson Quay to see what took our fancy. We ended up at the Champagne Bar outside Le Bouchons. This bar pops up on Friday and Saturday nights so that those who fancy a glass of Champers can sit somewhere without committing to eating a meal. Le Bouchons offer a glass of Mumm at $16++ or a bottle for $68++. We decided to sit down for a glass but obviously upgraded to a bottle after two glasses each 😉 great value and a lovely people watching spot on a chilled out Friday night.
Les Bouchons Rive Gauche
41 Robertson Quay, Singapore
+65 6733 4414

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