Healthy Food in Singapore

This week was going to be the week for a post about desserts that I’ve been working on forever. As regular readers would know I’m not a huge dessert fan so it has taken me some time to build up a repertoire of dessert related venues for you to enjoy. Currently though I’m in the midst of cutting back on sugar and bad food in general so I feel disinclined to write eloquently about great desserts 😉

Instead I thought it’s high time for a consolidated post about healthy eating in Singapore. This has come about because, increasingly over time, I’m on the lookout for healthy food to eat when I’m out and about. There’s nothing worse than needing to eat but not being able to find the food that you want.. [Sidenote: The Singapore Foodie app is slowly taking shape and one of the things it will do is help you find the food you want that’s nearest to you, at least that’s the plan!]

So, onto healthy food. Here is a list by neighbourhood that will hopefully help you find what you want, when you want and where you want it. All these venues are suitable for take away or a relatively quick lunch stop.

Raffles Place

Wheat BaumKuchen

I stopped by here last time I was in Raffles Place and was very pleasantly surprised with the offerings, prices and service. The only complaint really is that there’s limited seating so take away is a good option, or taking a friend to mind a seat whilst you order is another.

The food range is a mix of different types of noodles with different toppings. It’s mostly super healthy and we enjoyed our choices. My friend went for the Reindeer, soba noodles with mushrooms, salad and edamame, and it was tasty and hearty. I tried the Sea Gull with Shirataki noodles (0 calories). The noodles were a super texture, springy and light but quite filling too. The sauce was relatively plain but the addition of shredded chicken, sesame seeds and veggies bulked out the flavour. Dishes are all $10 or under and there are plenty of meat and veggie options.
Wheat BaumKuchen
One Raffles Place, #B1-32 Singapore (next to The Daily Cut – which I have not written about because it’s always too busy for me to be bothered lining up for!)
phone +65 6443 3391
Also at Asia Square and International Plaza
Order for FREE Home Delivery here


Not far from Raffles Place at Nankin Row is Fill-a-pita. If I worked in the city this is the place I’d go every week. Not only do they have a solid range of healthy choices, the prices are super reasonable (around $8 or $9) and you will not leave hungry. The service is also good and Hassan puts a lot of effort into recruiting staff who manage to smile and do their job well.

3 Pickering Street, China Square Central
#01-29 Nankin Row, Singapore
phone +65 9835 1446

Open 11.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 12pm to 3pm Saturday


If you want a carb hit without going overboard Smor is a good option. The Scandinavian inspired cafe makes open sandwiches, with a choice of different breads and toppings. They include vegetarian options as well as a roasted sirloin with caramelised and cheesy onions. Maybe not as healthy as the vegetarian but certainly tasty. One sandwich is $6.90.
One Raffles Place, #B1-23, Singapore
phone +65 9430 1500 (phone ahead for an advance order)
Open from 8am to 8pm


Ngon featured recently in my Vietnamese food post. For a swift but tasty and filling meal another option at One Raffles Place is Ngon Vietnamese. A simple bowl of pho bo is $9.90, the broth is tasty (having been boiled up for 24 hours) and the portion size is decent without being huge.
One Raffles Place, #B1-17
phone +65 6536 6466

Han Kee Fish Soup

This was my regular go to for healthy food in the Amoy Street area. Unfortunately the hawker centre was closed earlier this year but is now re-opened so you can again enjoy the fresh and light soup option for lunch. Don’t forget to get there before 11.30am unless you want to line up for a long time!
Han Kee Fish Soup at Amoy Street Food Centre
Cnr Telok Ayer St and Amoy St, #02-129, 069111

Tanjong Pagar

May May

Rice bowls and noodle bowls with fresh ingredients on top are one of my favourite healthy lunch meals. I wish I was organised to make them myself but mostly I’m not. May May, opened earlier this year by the team behind Blue Ginger, is a great lunch or dinner venue for healthy eating in Singapore. As well as rice and noodles May May also do quinoa options for an extra $2.

There are combinations like butter poached cod with tomatoes, mushrooms, pickled lotus root and egg or chilli chicken with caramelised onions, toasted cashews, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg. Either of those can be taken with rice or quinoa. I tried the chilli chicken and was happily surprised with the combination of flavours and the portion size. I loved the half runny egg on top too.

The bowls aren’t cheap, the chicken bowl with quinoa was $17 plus gst ($15 with rice) and the cod with quinoa was $20 plus gst ($18 with rice). They’re worth it though. Ingredients are high quality and this kind of meal will easily set me up to cruise through until dinner time without snacking.
May May
65 Tras Street, Singapore
phone +65 6221 4698
open Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm


For unusual and yet tempting and tasty vegetarian food, for either lunch or dinner, Afterglow is a great option. The healthy meals range from around the mid teens to the $20 mark and the range, including deconstructed sushi, is imaginative and full of flavour. You can read more here.
24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore
phone +65 6224 8921

Zhen Zhen 

I’m not sure I would have eaten a raw fish salad at a hawker centre unless Tony from Betel Box tours had placed it in front of me. Not only that but the stall name, Zhen Zhen Porridge, would have immediately deterred me from even joining the queue. This healthy choice at Maxwell Food Centre contains loads of fresh raw fish on a crispy lettuce salad with flavourful citrus and herb dressing. It’s slightly oily but most of the oil sinks to the bottom of the plate. As Tony says, when you order either say, “raw fish salad” or “yushang”.
Zhen Zhen Porridge at  Maxwell Food Centre
#01-54, second row from Maxwell Road


Kilo at Pact

Kilo at Pact has been somewhat of a lifesaver during the time I’ve worked in the Somerset area. If I’m after super healthy and light, and I don’t mind spending around $20, this is where I’ll head. The pictures say it all. You can read more in my post here.
Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road
#02—14-23 Orchard Central, Singapore, 238896
phone +65 6884 7560

Vietnam Delicacies

If I don’t fancy spending $20 and I want healthy food my main go to is Vietnamese Delights located in @313 Somerset. The rice paper rolls and the fresh noodles with shredded roast chicken are my favourites. The food is light and fresh and generally fairly quick to order and be served.
Vietnam Delicacies
Level 5 @313 Somerset, Singapore

Real Food
On Killiney Road, tucked away from the street next to ABC Boulangerie, you’ll find Real Food. This restaurant and supermarket, serving fresh and organic food is a good healthy option. They serve salads and simple pastas that are hearty and satisfying. You’ll generally pay around $15 for a salad here. They do good juices too.
Real Food
110 Killiney Road, Singapore, 239549
phone +65 6737 9516

Robertson Quay

Moc Quan

My favourite Vietnamese in Singapore by far. Even the bahn mi are made on the premises and everything I have tried here (around 10 dishes at a guess) has been excellent. I wrote a post about it here.
Moc Quan
81 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore, 239917
UE Square (next to 7-Eleven on Merbau Road)
phone +65 6536 6466
NB: Now also at 77 Aliwal Street in the Arab Quarter

Geylang to Joo Chiat

The Real Hut
This wholesome little shop in Sims Place is a great little standby for healthy lunch. The owners are lovely and very happy to help. The food served is a hybrid Asian/western menu with dishes like olive brown rice featuring. Desserts are good too, although I’d give the coffee a miss based on my first experience.
The Real Hut
Block 46, Sims Place, #01-97, Singapore, 380046
phone +65 6846 9976
Check website for opening hours

Long Phung

This famous Vietnamese shop serves a great bowl of pho that is healthy and hearty. The downside is the service can be brisk and you will most probably have to queue if you arrive at peak eating time. If you’re hanging for a healthy soup in this area though it’s a good option.
Long Phung
159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore
phone +65 9105 8519

The Loving Hut
This cute little vegan restaurant has a wide range of Asian and western food choices like dumplings, crepes, soups and salads. They also offer catering and takeaway food.
The Loving Hut
229 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, 427489
phone +65 6348 6318
Open for lunch and dinner every day

Bukit Timah

Balanced Living

If I’m in this neck of the woods Balanced Living is my preferred option for healthy food. Although I’ve tried Beyond Veggie and it’s ok, the food is much cleaner and healthier at Balanced Living. You can read more in my post here.
Balanced Living
779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, 268758
phone +65 6468 4482

Island Wide

Sushi Tei 
Sushi Tei is a great and reasonably priced sushi option all across Singapore. Although it’s far from cheap, for the quality you get the prices are very reasonable and you could feast yourself here at lunch for under $30. Click this link for locations.

The Soup Spoon
Another good option across the island for a quick, healthy and reasonably priced meal is The Soup Spoon. They do combos of soups, salads and wraps and they provide nutritional information so you can check your calorie intake. Click this link for locations.

You can also see this post about healthy lunch options for under $10 for more ideas.

Where is your favourite healthy eating in Singapore? 

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