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This week marks the one year anniversary of the very first post on Singapore Foodie. Welcome to the World of Singapore food set the scene for what has now been one year of posts about eating out in Singapore, from the best hawker foods to the best of fine dining. Every week (with a few exceptions) there have been reviews, ‘best of’ lists and insight into the ever changing food and beverage industry in Singapore.

As time has passed more and more people have joined the ride and now there are around 25,000+ page views a month on Singapore Foodie. Not everyone will have had a chance to see the most popular posts on the site so I thought it would be interesting to offer a refresher on the 10 most popular posts from the past year. I’ve updated all of these posts to take into account closures and changes in offerings, so feel free to take a quick look and see if there’s something new there for you.

Number 10

A post that is particularly dear to my heart is Where to Find the Best Coffee. Since arriving in Singapore finding good coffee has been a priority for me.  Luckily I also arrived at a time when Singapore has seen a plethora of cafes and coffee shops opening up around the island. This list is certainly a good way to start.

Number 9

Moving onto Japanese, my top 5 places for affordable sushi gained a lot of attention because after all, everyone is always looking for well priced sushi (that still tastes good).

Number 8 & 7

And then we come to hawker foods. Everyone’s favourite way to enjoy fabulous food at extremely low prices. The 10 Best Hawker Foods in Singapore offers a great introduction to the foods that Singapore is most famous for, and An Ang-moh’s Guide to Hawker Centres in Singapore gives those new to hawker dining some tips and tricks for getting the best out of your hawker experience.

Number 6 & 5
Next we have two neighbourhood guides, firstly for Robertson Quay, my local ‘hood, and then not too far away, Tiong Bahru. Both of these guides give you the lowdown of the best places to shop, eat and get your chores done in two of the most vibrant neighbourhoods on the island.

Number 4

The Best Set Lunches in Singapore Part II. Set lunches in Singapore offer unrivalled value for eating at the very best restaurants for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. I also summarised these to enable easy booking on this page. Note that many of the resaurants featured on the set lunches posts have updated their pricing, these changes are reflected in the links above.

Number 3
This inital post about set lunches gained so much attention that it led to the Part II version. The 5 Best Set Lunches in Singapore is a great place to start for the best set lunches in town.

Number 2
Again moving into coffee territory we have the 10 Best Places for free Wifi, a handy guide for those travelling in Singapore and also for locals looking out for a place to get work done away from the home or office.

Number 1

And here it is, number uno, the Ultimate Guide to Brunch in Singapore pops in easily as my Number 1 post. This guide is the A to Z of brunches, for newbies it has the low down on the different kinds of brunches in Singapore with tips on what to wear and how to prepare (this is serious business people!). Then there’s a comprehensive list of brunch suggestions, all based on my own experiences that have now run to nearly three years of brunching. Two new entries add to a list that runs the gamut from eggs and coffee through to the best of the wowser Champagne brunches in Singapore (a perfect way to celebrate any occasion).

Special Mention

Ok, so I said 10, but here’s a bonus post that was sitting very close to Number 10 in terms of popularity. 5 Great Bars gives you five bars that are still great and are also perfect places to take your guests visiting from overseas.

And the least popular posts? The foreign posts. It seems there’s little interest in restaurants outside of Singapore, whether it’s Australia, Malaysia or Austria. I guess these posts are not what Singapore Foodie is all about, but they do provide a good food diary for me and anyone else travelling to those places so I’ll probably keep updating them as time goes on.

As ever a celebration requires Champagne, so of course I will honour the birthday of Singapore Foodie with a Champagne brunch on Sunday (and it also happens to be my birthday, so there’s double the reason to celebrate).

A huge thanks goes out far and wide to all you readers. Whether you’re in the UK, Australia, Singapore or somewhere else, I’m so glad you’ve found my site and I hope you continue to enjoy reading about the greatest places to eat on this wonderful little patch I call home.

Bon anniversaire to all!!

Do you have your own favourite post that you’d like to nominate? I’d love to hear if you do in the comments below. 

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