Frequently Asked Questions

Dear user,

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

If this is not helpful for your specific problem or question, kindly contact us via the contact form on this website.

Since this Magbe release is a beta version, we appreciate all your feedback, so we can continue to improve our product.

Thank you very much!

The Magbe team.

Magbe offers a combination of Free and ‘paid for’ articles. The price of each article is indicated below the picture at the article overview.

The Free articles are available to everyone, unlimited, with and without logging-in.

To be able to read the ‘paid for‘ articles, you must be registered and logged-in. If you are logged-in, Magbe offers every user 5 complimentary articles per month.

So you can read 5 articles per month completely for free, which you would normally have to pay for. The only thing you need to do to get access to this, is register/ log-in so we can identify you as an individual user and provide you with the complimentary access to 5 articles per month.

Our platform combines articles from paid magazines with articles from free magazines. But, Magbe will never charge for an article if the article is openly available for free via other channels. So, articles from free magazines are also offered for free on Magbe.

Magbe offers different access options:
Without registration you can read the articles that have been sent to you by friends and you have free access to the Free articles.

After registration, you also have free access to paid content.

Pay-per-Article (PPA) – If you would like to read more articles, you can buy additional individual articles.

Premium – If you would like to read an unlimited number of articles each month, you can become a Premium Magbe member for SGD15 per month. This offers free access to all available articles plus additional features.

If you pay via the website, you can choose if you want to pay with Credit Card or PayPal. You need to top-up your wallet by a minimum amount (SGD 5 per transaction).

If you pay via the App, you will have to make use of the iTunes-store or Google play-store.

If you have paid for an article, but you are not satisfied, we refund you your money. Simply click the button to request you money back.

We would like to highlight a few privacy related topics:

- If you have registered to use the Magbe Services, we will not sell, rent, swap or authorize any third party to use your email address without your permission.
- We only share information about our audience in non-personalised, aggregate or de-identified form.
- We will not send you marketing messages if you have opted out.

Further details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Logging in via Facebook is convenient, because you do not need to create an additional account and password.

When you log-in via Facebook, we can collect some personal information from your Facebook account (e.g. age, gender, country of residence). This information can be used to provide you with a better personalised experience on Magbe, because we can offer you articles that are more relevant to you.

Magbe will never post anything on behalf of you on Facebook.

This is the first release of the Magbe website. The website has only been launched recently. In the coming months, the Magbe website will be optimised further and Magbe will also become available via iOS App and Android App.

The first release is focussed on Singapore. Note that we will be increasing the amount of content in the coming months. And Magbe will also expand into other countries in the coming year.

However, if this first beta release is not fully up to your expectations, we kindly invite you to provide us with feedback. This allows us to make improvements and deliver a better experience to our users.

You can stop your subscription at any moment. The subscription will continue until the monthly access period which has already been paid for, is finished. A monthly subscription starts on the day you activate it and ends 1 calendar month later. So if you subscribe 24 of April 2016, it will end on 23 of May 2016.

You can stop your account at any time. Simply let us know via the contact form and we will deactivate your account.