Large F&B stocks suffered big-time losses in May

Led by Super Group and Petra Foods.

Singapore's F&B stocks turned in a mixed performance in May, with some major players suffering steep losses while others eked out small gains.

The biggest loser is Super Group, which lost 22.8% last month. Petra Foods was a far second with an 8.0% loss.

ThaiBev eked out a 3.1% gain. Agribusiness player First Resources, which is considered F&B stocks under the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), also managed a sizeable gain.

Over May the ten largest capitalised stocks representing the ICB F&B Sector in Singapore averaged a 3.0% gain - led by China Fishery Group, First Resources and Thai Beverage.

"These ten stocks have generated mixed performances in the year thus far with five gainers and five decliners over the period. Wilmar International and Thai Beverage have traded at 52 week highs in May and April respectively, while Petra Foods traded at its 52 week low in May. China Fishery Group and Golden-Agri Resources traded at 52 week lows in March while Yeo Hiap Seng is currently trading at its 52 week low," SGX said.

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