Tiger Beer maker goes green with mammoth solar power deal

Heineken's gigantic solar project spans three FIFA football fields.

Thanks to a landmark partnership between Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) and Renewable Energy Corporation (REC), Tiger Beer will now be "brewed by the sun."

According to a press release by REC, it and APBS inked a power purchase agreement (PPA) that spells out the installation of REC's TwinPeak solar panels across three APBS rooftops. This is the largest rooftop solar installation for Heineken globally, as APBS is a Heineken operating company. This is also Heineken's first solar power project in the Asia Pacific region. 

At a blinding 2.196 megawatt peak, the solar installation is about quadruple the size of typical corporate solar installation projects. This PPA is scheduled to run for the next 25 years, and will see APBS generate approximately 2.3m kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually- roughly the annual power consumption of 600 hundred four-room Singapore HDB households. 2,038 REC solar panels made in Singapore that span an area equivalent to three FIFA football fields will provide renewable energy that helps APBS mitigate 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and reduce the company's carbon footprint by around 20%.

"Set at the home of the iconic Tiger Beer, this initiative will also mean that every Tiger Beer consumed in Singapore will be 'Brewed by the Sun'. A 'Brewed by the Sun' icon will be introduced to Tiger Beer's packaging in due time," the press release stated.

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