StarHub moves termination of cable network to 30 September

It cited last-minute applications from customers that decided to migrate to fibre.

StarHub has extended the cessation of its cable network to 30 September in an effort to cater to the spike in demand for fibre services from cable customers, an announcement revealed.

StarHub announced its cable-to-fibre migration in November 2018 after deciding to completely pull the plug on its cable services. It has since assisted its customers to migrate from the 25-year-old cable technology to a modern, high-speed, low latency all-fibre communications network, making available a range of promotional offers, including discounted subscriptions, free wireless router and free fibre set-top box rental. StarHub also introduced new entertainment passes.

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Despite the early announcement, StarHub received a surge in last-minute applications from customers who only decided to migrate in the last few days, resulting in order backlog. “In addition, the company is working closely with fibre network operator NetLink Trust to resolve fibre installation delays due to more complex requirements for infrastructure (including ducts, wiring and choked lead-in pipes) to some homes,” the firm noted. As such, StarHub extended the cessation of its cable network to help all customers take advantage of the technology migration and rate protection of existing subscriptions.

To allow for decommissioning of the cable network, the telco has set 31 August as the last day that cable customers can sign up to migrate to fibre. “This will enable StarHub and contractors from fibre network operator NetLink Trust to fulfil all orders from customers on time. Customers can continue subscribing to cable services until fibre services are installed for them, or up to 30 September, whichever comes earlier,” the firm noted.

“We would like to assure our customers that they need not worry about incurring cost in becoming fibre-connected as we absorb the related one-time charges in setting up their fibre services. In addition, our technicians will take care of fibre service installation and activation for customers,” added Johan Buse, chief of Consumer Business Group.

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