Sustainable Seafood Restaurants

Have you ever wondered where exactly your seafood comes from? Do you ever visit the fish markets and see the rows and rows of salmon fillets, the mountains of prawns on ice and the crates of wriggling crabs and wonder how long we’re going to be lucky enough to eat all this wonderful seafood? I’ve had a concern with the state of fish stocks in the ocean for about 10 years now. When I lived in London the well known chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall started a project called Fish Fight and campaigned heavily to change laws at an EU level to reduce the rape and pillage of ocean fish stocks in and around Europe. I was fully supportive of the campaign at a high level by signing petitions and tweeting, and also at the ground level by changing my purchasing habits. Because I lived in London I only bought Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish and fortunately this was easily identifiable in all the big supermarkets in the UK. Although it’s not a perfect scheme, the idea is that only sustainably caught fish is sold under this label, and thus there’s a better chance that what you’re eating now will still be available in years to come.

Since I moved to Asia I pretty much abandoned all thought of adhering to fish sustainability as finding sources of sustainable fish has been near impossible in my shopping experiences (the two exceptions are Fish 4 Ever, available at some Cold Storage outlets and Super Nature, and Fish Wives on Bukit Timah Road). And I very much enjoy fish so I’ve turned a blind eye to the sourcing and ethics of my fish purchases. That is until now.

I’m delighted to tell you that the MSC has started working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Singapore and next week will see the launch of the first ever Sustainable Seafood Festival. What’s more, several great restaurants are partnering with WWF and MSC to showcase the fact that a restaurant can source sustainable produce and still cook elegant and interesting fish that is priced reasonably. On an even happier note, the festival extends to my birthday (15th June) and I’ve booked one of the restaurants to have a small celebration in support of their involvement and my maturation. Yippee

I hope this will be the first of many such initiatives that will raise awareness of the various problems associated with over fishing in our own region. I’m also impressed at the involvement of some big name restaurants and retail outlets that have signed up to sourcing seafood sustainability. I was absolutely delighted that Mezza9 and The Hyatt’s other restaurant The Straits are both on the list of sustainable seafood restaurants. Below I’ve included links to reviews I’ve written for the restaurants I’ve visited, plus a link to the full list put together by WWF. If you can’t live without seafood then I strongly urge you to frequent these restaurants where possible.

Here’s to eating seafood that will be there for us in the future!

For a full list of restaurants participating in the Sustainable Seafood Festival, click here


A French Restaurant occupying an enviable position in Boat Quay. It’s a little away from the mad throng of bars closer to the city and offers multiple dining levels and a fabulous private room, not to mention good French food. I’ve written more about Absinthe here.
72 Boat Quay, Singapore, 049860
phone +65 6222 9068

Mezza9 at The Hyatt (For the Best Brunch in Singapore)

Nearly three years on and I haven’t found a better brunch than Mezza9 (and believe me I’ve tried!). The fact that the seafood stamp of approval has been given to Mezza9 has made me breath a sigh of relief given the enormous mounds of seafood at their brunch buffet. For the quality, range and service, oh and free flow Perrier Jouet, you really can’t go wrong. For a full review click here.
Mezz9 at The Hyatt
10 Scotts Road, Singapore, 228211
phone +65 6738 1234

The Pelican

The Pelican occupies an almost perfect spot along the water with its view of Marina Bay Sands. The casual but classy restaurant offers an excellent range of seafood, alongside a couple of non pescatarian options. Service is decent and prices are reasonable. And the view is magic during the day or night. For a full review click here.
The Pelican
1 Fullerton Road, #01-01, Singapore, 049214 (it’s on the water side, from Fullerton Bay hotel head towards the Singapore Flyer end of the boardwalk)
phone +65 6438 0400

For a full list of restaurants participating in the Sustainable Seafood Festival, click here.

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