Mercado Spanish Food Market

If you hang out in the CBD and you like bowl food then Mercado Spanish Food Market may just be your new best friend. I don’t get to the CBD much these days so when I do I like to try something new. Not that bowl food is something new. It seems to be that everyone’s realised that food actually tastes better in a bowl. Don’t believe me? Here you go, read this.

Anyway, Mercado Spanish Food Market only opened in early September and it’s hardly a new concept. A tasty array of salad and meat options is presented appealingly in the Market Street space. As with most of these concepts there are some ideas on how to fill your bowl that generally include a red meat, white meat, pork or fish. Or you can create your own.

If there’s an option to choose between picking my own combination and one that someone else recommends, I’ll usually go for one of the standard menu options. For some reason when I put my own mix together it often doesn’t come out right.

At Mercado Spanish Food Market I went for the La Vacca. The mix of quinoa, sweet potato, beetroot and deliciously medium rare beef was fresh and filling. The meat was exceptionally good quality for a lunch time cafe, beautifully tender with good seasoning and a decent portion. I also asked for some extra greens to be added and they didn’t charge me. Each bowl comes with a dressing and a sauce for the protein. I asked them to go easy on these but both were not overpowering and complemented the flavours.

My lunch companion went for the chicken version, and she was also particularly pleased with the quality of the meat. I forgot to take a photo of her food unfortunately 🙁

The most pleasant surprise of all at Mercado Spanish Food Market is the price tag. At $14.50 (no gst and no service) that’s at least $2 or $3 less than most other places charge. There wasn’t a compromise in quality as far as I could taste and there was zero queue to contend with. I’m not sure why that was. They don’t seem to have a Facebook or web presence so maybe their marketing strategy is just a bit rubbish. Either way it’s worth a visit if you work in the area. There’s also plenty of seating and it’s not too noisy for a lunch meeting.

As another plus you can easily go vegetarian or gluten free at Mercado. Just pick and choose the ingredients to suit. Be careful on the sauces though, just make sure you check with the staff.
Mercado Spanish Food Market
50 Market Street, Singapore
phone +65 6532 2155
Open for lunch but other times not listed

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