The Green Spirit at Open Farm Community

Every time I visit Open Farm Community (OFC) I’m slightly more impressed than the last. The food has been consistently good on each of my visits and I love that the garden continues to grow around the venue offering more greenery and shade. You have the option of sitting inside or outside and both have their merits. Inside is cooler but you still have the full length windows to take in the garden views. On the downside the noise can be ear-numbingly loud. There’s no soft furnishings and voices bounce around the room like glass baubles.

One of the reasons OFC grows on me is the super cool pricing on wine. If you are only two or three pax, and a bottle of wine seems like too much, then you can order a glass first at the normal price, and then when you order a second glass the price is lower until you get to the bottle price. Cool hey?

The pasta I’ve enjoyed here has always been good. The gnocchi was well textured and mixed with a super tasty pork sausage ragu. I’ve also tried the Strozzapetti with ’48 hour barolo braised oxtail’ that was a brilliant textured pasta with a super tasty sauce (although there were a few gristly bits from the meat that I had to discretely deal with).

The lamb rump I enjoyed on my first visit here also left a very pleasant taste in my mouth. The lamb was cooked superbly and paired with a lovely, creamy mash. You can read a little more about the food at OFC here.

What I also love about OFC is the community they’ve built up. Every month or so they hold a social market that has steadily gained a reputation for offering quality produce. The market is manned by independent stall holders offering produce like olive oil, bread, pasta and handmade cakes.

This month there’s a new event, the Rosé All Day brunch on May 6th. The event runs from 11am to 4pm and is a free flow Rosé spectacular, starting from $55++ per person for 90 minutes of Rosé glugging to $75++ per person for the full five hours. Food is priced A la Carte. You can read more on the Facebook event page. I’m told by the folks at OFC that this brunch will now run every two weeks, keep an eye on their Facebook page for details.
Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road, Singapore (Dempsey)
phone +65 6471 0306 or
Open on weekends from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm
Open on weekdays from 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm

Visit Singapore Foodie website.
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