Ding Dong Goes a Set Lunch

Are you looking for a good value set lunch? I’m preparing a post on great value set lunches and yesterday my research took me back to Ding Dong on Ann Siang Road. I really like this venue, I’ve enjoyed every meal I’ve had there, and initial problems with service seem to have been ironed out. My only real criticism is that of the noisy space. We were sat on the second level, with a large group upstairs, and the mezzanine roof made the noise border on annoying. This still wouldn’t put me off going back though.

The set lunch is simply amazing value. For $25++ you get three courses. And they’re not ridiculously small sizes, perfect for lunch really, although a big eater may need to order an extra dish. You can also add on a glass of wine or a draft beer for $10++.

The restaurant is nicely decorated, with two floors of seating, high bar stools (but very comfortable) on the second floor, and standard sized tables on the top level.

Our menu can be seen above, we tried the eggplant (nasu) with crab and the miso tofu for starters, barramundi and duck for mains and sago pudding and chocolate for dessert. Each course was very good. The tofu was paired with ginger and radish, with a Japanese dressing that made the dish light and clean. ‘Burnt’ eggplant was soft in texture and the crab pairing was a good combination the tasted both rich and light and not too fishy.

The crispy duck curry for a main is something I’ve had before and I enjoyed again. The curry is a deep and rich gravy, the duck is pan fried to a crispy outside and whilst the meat looks dry from the outside, the inside stays tender and tasty. The passionfruit cuts through the acidity with just enough sweetness. And the shavings of cauliflower show me again that it’s not that I don’t like cauliflower, it’s just not my favourite texture in its virgin form.

The barramundi likewise is something I’ve eaten at Ding Dong before, the texture was succulent, no dryness at all, and the assam pedas curry was light and tasty. Servings of rice on the side were a nice offset to the flavoursome sauces, giving us something to soak up the extra juices.

Not true to form I snaffled my entire plate of dessert. And given that this was my first proper meal after a four day spell of gastro, that’s really saying something. The sago with gula malacca and coconut is a gorgeous combo of salty and sweet, with crispy honeycomb, soft sago and creamy coconut. Absolutely delicious. I don’t think there’s any more to say other than $25+ for this kind of food is ridiculously good value. Book a table at Ding Dong now.
Ding Dong
23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore
phone +65 6557 0189
Open for lunch Monday to Friday 12pm to 3pm and dinner Monday to Saturday 6pm to midnight

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