Healthy Eating at Kitchen by Food Rebel

Kitchen by Food Rebel has been has been a great healthy eating option since around March this year. That was when I first visited and was dazzled by the gluten free brownies (pictured below). Since then I’ve introduced Husband to this CBD eatery with lots of healthy eating choices. He’s been back several times as have other friends I’ve introduced. The food is consistently good, the menu offers daily specials and the staff are super friendly. Not only that but they’ll mix and match orders to suit your palate and hunger.

Kitchen by Food Rebel is particularly special because there’s a genuine focus on sustainability in the food chain, on the power of choice to eat the best food for your body and for the world. What I particularly love is that Kitchen by Food Rebel caters to vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and those with food intolerances. Artificial ingredients are a big no no and, where possible, organic and locally sourced ingredients are used.

Now that may all sound like the food could be a bit bland, or lack imagination and flavour. That is not the case at Kitchen by Food Rebel. The team, that includes a nutritionist, are dedicated to making healthy food taste delicious.

Take for instance the Superfood Salad ($17) to which you can add chicken ($4) and avocado ($2) to create a ginormous meal of tasty and healthy food. This salad even keeps hungry Husband full until dinner time.

My all time favourite is the ‘zoodles’ with bolognaise sauce. If you’re a sceptic to the concept of zucchini noodles then this is the dish to convert you. Whilst the portion size isn’t at all huge, the meaty and tasty bolognaise makes for a beautiful combination. The zucchini is served at room temperature, with hot bolognaise on top that seeps nicely into the zoodles. The resulting mouthful includes the crunch of fresh zucchini with the warmth and depth of a meaty and flavoursome sauce. And you won’t feel sluggish in the afternoon like you would if this were a bowl of pasta. The only thing is that the portion size isn’t huge so if you’re super hungry you’ll probably want to upsize. Or alternatively take the opportunity to sample one of the delicious desserts 🙂 You can read more about them here.

Kitchen by Food Rebel also offers healthy iced teas, with no sugar but loads of flavour. They have a good selection of take out items available and a lot are made in house so you can find all the ingredients if you need to.

My only complaint so far has been about the coffee, stick to the home made teas and healthy drinks instead.

As I said, Kitchen by Food Rebel is a welcome addition to the city, especially if you’re looking for healthy eating that is high quality and healthy food that’s served from people who really care about nutrition.

3 Ways Kitchen by Food Rebel Could Delight Customers Even More

  1. Improve on the coffee
  2. Mention all the key ingredients in menu items
  3. Upside the zoodles with bolognaise

Kitchen by Food Rebel
28 Stanley Street, Singapore
phone +65 6224 7008
Open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday

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