Potato Head Arrives in Singapore

For anyone who’s been to Bali and enjoyed the ambience and food at Potato Head in Seminyak it was probably welcome news to hear that Potato Head was opening in Singapore. In my head I envisioned a venue on Sentosa, maybe a little like Tanjong Beach Club but with better food. When I learnt that the new site was to be the gorgeous old Tong Ah building on the corner of Keong Saik Road and Teck Lim Road I was disappointed and surprised. I guess disappointed because the location is so iconic to Singapore that to have a big and flashy enterprise open its doors was disappointing, albeit inevitable. Not to mention that it’s not quite the same enjoying a Kaya Set at Tong Ah now that they’ve relocated up the road. And what surprised me was that Potato Head would occupy a space in such a built up area.

Potato Head in Bali (above) is all about open spaces, lounging around, eating, swimming, and of course drinking. Now it’s a multi level venue trying to attract a whole range of clientele. For those who are interested in a chilled out drink there’s the downstairs bar and street seating, for some casual American style food there’s Three Buns on the second floor (no reservations), for fine dining head to Studio 1939 on the third floor (but make a reservation first) or for a place to chill out and lounge then head way up to 1939 Rooftop (open only on weekends).

There’s no doubt there’s a bit of a hipster vibe going on. The mix of locals, expats and probably a few tourists create a gentle hum early in the night that reaches a crescendo as the booze and frivolity kick in. As far as the decoration is concerned there’s a mix of typically mismatched furniture, quirky memorabilia and interesting artwork adorning the walls. There are some original touches like old tiles in the bathroom and I think the floors as well, although it’s hard to tell these days whether everything has just been designed to look old.

Service was ok although they don’t seem to have found the balance between visiting every three minutes and then disappearing for an hour. I was also annoyed when I asked to taste the (one) wine available (it’s available by the glass so clearly a bottle is open) but the server had to refer to his manager. Seriously? I’m not trying to get free wine I just want to make sure it’s not ghastly and been open for three days. Anyways, he did smile whilst he did it so I guess I can’t complain too much.

We started with a cocktail (obviously) and when we asked for a variation we were told they were pre mixed. Not a great start. We tried them anyway, a Queen La Tea-Fah that was vodka based and a spritzer that was gin based. I say ‘based’ but there was scant alcohol in either drink. They were quite yummy, but more like a fruit juice than a cocktail. I then moved onto the red wine. As mentioned above there is only one red and one white to choose from which is pretty restrictive. I guess they’re trying to steer people to the weak cocktails and hope they keep buying them all night?

Now to the food which was most definitely the highlight. The menu is limited to burgers and a couple of other choices. Baby Huey is definitely the one to go for. We also tried a Burning Man but I wasn’t a huge fan of the jalapeño mayo. It did have a good kick to it but the bitter taste messed things up a little for me. Baby Huey on the other hand was pretty much a plain burger on a soft bun, served with gooey cheese, lettuce tomato and chilli mayo. It was the perfect size and super tasty. And now to the fried potatoes. I can’t believe I didn’t get a decent photo of them. The potato pieces are served crispy in random chunks and slices, and they’re covered in a totally moreish concoction of chilli mayo, onions and cheese. I don’t even know what else was in them but they were totally addictive. The coleslaw was nothing to rave about.

You can see from the picture above that everything’s served in a take away fashion which further gives the feel of an American diner. Prices are reasonable, we paid $100 each for our two burgers, fries, coleslaw, three cocktails and one bottle of wine between two. I’ll definitely be going back for a burger and fries, just not sure what I’ll be drinking. Maybe it’s best to go with a hangover and then a bloody Mary would work!
Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, 089143
phone +65 6327 1939

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