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Are you looking for a side of Singapore that offers you not only great food, but value for money too? Singapore is often accused of being an expensive place to eat and drink and it certainly can be. The biggest problem I’ve found with Singapore food is that so many places are expensive and they don’t offer you the ‘bang for your buck’ that I expect when I do pay a lot of money for a meal. I’ve been obsessed with finding the best places to eat where you come away feeling that your money was well spent. It may not seem like much to ask but in such a touristy city there are food traps everywhere and my mission is to avoid them!

I’m here to show you that Singapore doesn’t have to be expensive, that you can eat very well and even have a few drinks, without breaking your budget. 

And it doesn’t have to mean that you’re always eating Asian food at a Hawker Centre (although that is still a good option). I will also point out some places that may be of interest if you’re looking for a special night out, the ones where  when you spend a decent amount of money you walk away feeling satisfied and happy with your dining experience.

Eating Out in Singapore

If you like food then Singapore gives you a diverse repertoire of cuisines to choose from. There are of course the flavours of Asia, whether it be the different Chinese cuisines, or Malaysian, Indian, Peranakan, Thai, Indonesian or Singaporean. But Singapore offers much more than Asian cuisine. The Italian, French and Spanish restaurants here offer some of the most authentic European flavours I’ve had the good fortune to taste. And the Americas feature strongly too, there are great places for burgers or enchiladas, a perfectly cooked steak or mouth watering lobster sliders. If it’s British food you’re after then Singapore brings you pubs, sandwiches and fish and chips. Singapore is a country of immigrants, people who have adapted and adopted and continually experiment with food to the find the best flavours and combinations to tantalise your tastebuds.

Arriving in Singapore

When I first arrived in Singapore l spent a long time feeling more than a little traumatised at the abundance of ‘boring’ restaurant chains, coffee shop chains and all manner of mediocre eating experiences. As time rolled on I discovered more and more hidden enclaves of foodie delights. And I started to learn more about about the Singapore food scene; the difficulties faced when you operate in a country with no seasons to speak of, where some restaurants don’t offer the choice of a glass of wine with your meal, and where multiculturalism has been the source of inspiration for food experiences from around the globe. All of these factors create an eating environment where you can find street food for less than $3 that is a 5 minute taxi ride from a Michelin starred restaurant where a Main Course may cost you $100. And there’s a whole world of options in between that are well worth exploring and that often give traditional flavours a modern edge.

Food history in Singapore

The heart of Singapore has always had a strong beat of food related culture. At the tip of Malaysia and only a few miles from Indonesia, the cuisine of Singapore continued to develop as the Chinese, Indian and British communities made the island home. This melting pot of cultures has delivered a unique cuisine that is adored by millions. And the immigrants continue to influence the current food and beverage scene with well known French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and other chefs continuing to open restaurants and cafes all over the island.

I’m here to bring you the most delicious food secrets that Singapore has hidden beneath its glossy exterior. From traditional wet markets and Hawker Centres to innovative restaurants with a focus on sustainable sourcing I’ll take you on a journey to the heart of South East Asian cuisine.

Eating well in Singapore doesn’t have to come at great expense. I’ll show you where to find the best value eateries that will leave you salivating to return. I’m going to help you make every meal in Singapore the best it can possibly be! 

Join me and you’ll see a foodie side of Singapore that is often overlooked by newcomers and visitors who are easily distracted by the shiny flagship tourist destinations like Marina Bay Sands and The Fullerton Hotel. Eating in Singapore doesn’t have to break your budget, you will be delighted by the vast array of restaurants all around this little island that will leave your stomach feeling super satisfied and your wallet with cash to spare. I’ll bring you food and drink reviews, great market finds, food festival updates and the latest foodie news to hit Singapore. Come with me and discover that Singaporean restaurants can be innovative and unique in their approach to menu creation and product sourcing.

I’m going to pass on all the best of my discoveries, and the worst, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I have and that you always find the best places to eat! 

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