Singapore Foodie: Bringing You the Whole Story

For me, dining out is an experience. From the moment I know where I’m going, deciding what I might wear (which may just be shorts and a t-shirt), finding the premises, taking in the sights, smells and sounds when you enter the establishment, being seated, being waited on, receiving and paying the bill and leaving. Oh yeah, and eating, that’s right, I knew I forgot to mention something – haha. The thought process may not always be methodical but no matter where I’m eating, from a Hawker Centre in Singapore to a Michelin starred restaurant in London, these factors all play a part in my dining experience. I say this because I also read a lot of restaurant and food reviews and I often get carried away by the salivating talk of food but I don’t realise that the ambience hasn’t been mentioned.

This is Where I Don’t Want to Dine

And then when you rock up to such a place and discover it’s a concrete slab of a building with faux brickwork and a gravel floor and bad service then even if the food turns out to be great, you’re somewhat underwhelmed by the experience. The picture below is not where I want to spend my Saturday afternoon!

Maybe I pay too much attention to aesthetics but I don’t mean that everything has to be perfect. I equally love sitting on plastic seats on a steamy Singapore evening at Lau Pa Sat Market as I do the cosy ambience of an Italian trattoria, but they are two entirely different eating experiences and one should be prepared when they make their eating choices so as to never waste a good meal. One of my biggest grievances when travelling is if, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am forced to eat second rate food somewhere. If you’re at a train station for example and you’ve no choice but to go to a greasy cafe and buy a stale sandwich. That really pisses me off. Such a waste of a meal.

My Promise to Bring You the Whole Story

So my promise to you my readers is to always bring you the whole story. If the restaurant I’m reviewing happens to serve great food but is next to a school with screaming children running about, I’ll mention that. Equally, if the food is amazing but the service is not, I will mention that. And, this being Singapore, you can be sure I encounter many service issues. In fact I’m sure at some point I’ll devote a whole blog to this. I don’t think I’m the fussiest person in the world (others may disagree!) but the service in Singapore is possibly the most frustrating I’ve experienced anywhere in the world. The most annoying thing is that on the surface everybody is nice and polite. But more often than not they are either at your side every minute refilling glasses and whatnot, or never to be found when you need to order something. Aaanyway, as I said, that’s for another time.
Fortunately, what Singapore lacks in service culture, it makes up for in the pure number of eating establishments on the island. And most of them offer fantastic food and many are in fantastic locations. It’s not just the permanent fixtures either but every other week there’s a fabulous food festival or food related event in town. Not to mention that every week there are new restaurants opening their doors or revamping their menus. All of this gives me the opportunity to eat out constantly and to share with you the best of what I find, as well as some of the others if I think it will help your dining decisions.

What You Will Find on Singapore Foodie

I started Singapore Foodie as a place to show all the best recommendations I have to offer visitors and locals to Singapore. I’ve had countless visitors pass through our City-State and invariably people want to know where to eat. So here it is in one website. As you can see, I’ve started off small, there’s only a few entries here for now as I refine the website and the content based on what you want to see. Please drop me an email with any ideas you have for reviews or articles. If you think I should focus more on a particular cuisine or type of dining experience, then tell me and I’ll do my best to incorporate your feedback. For now, I’ve compiled a list below of some of the entries that will be appearing over the next few weeks, just so you have an idea of what to look forward to. And if you want to know urgently what any of these places are like, then email me and I’ll prioritise my review of your requested restaurant and email you a few key details. See, the problem is that I’ve timed a holiday very badly and this week we are off to the Wilds of Borneo with some friends and I’ll have no internet access for much of the week. On the positive side though that gives you all time to peruse my website and let me know what you think.
Here are a few of the places I’ve got sitting on my writing backburner for review in the coming weeks:

  • 5 Bars Worth Dressing Up For
  • Artichoke Bar and Cafe
  • DaDa at Quayside
  • East 8 on Hill Street
  • Esquina in Chinatown
  • How to Choose the Best Brunch in Singapore
  • Immigrants Gastrobar
  • Le Fatien at Quayside
  • ODP in Tiong Bahru
  • Saveur on Purvis Street
  • Spathe Public House
  • Swee Choon near Little India
  • The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Singapore
  • The Market Grill
  • The Pelican at Marina Bay
  • Wine Connection at Robertson Walk

For now though, you can read a little bit about The Best Things in Singapore and let me know your thoughts by commenting or emailing. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Please also check out my facebook page and ‘like’ if you want to stay up to date with any snippets I can offer from the Wilds of Borneo!!

Happy eating!!

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