More Healthy Bowls at Plentyfull

There’s no doubt that healthy bowls are the major food trend of the moment. Sometimes I wonder how healthy they really are though. You know what I’d really like to invent? A laser that zapped over your food and told you how many calories were contained therein. Sometimes we think we’re eating healthy but my money is on a much higher calorie content than we’d like. Healthy bowls are a good way of disguising what could otherwise be quite a calorific meal. Not that I’m suggesting we’re all being swindled. Hell no, that would never happen 😉

Regardless of all that, I’m a big fan of healthy bowls. My tip is that keeping an eye on sauces is one way to make sure the calories stay in check. I’m usually one to request my sauce on the side, as I mentioned last week in my post about Mercado. On my visit to Plentyfull though I momentarily forgot my rule and I’m pretty sure that creamy sauce on my sea bass ruined my healthy meal. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this healthy bowl.

Plentyfull opened a few months ago, a beacon of light amongst the many chain restaurants found in Suntec and Millenia Walk. My friend S heard about Plentyfull via her pottery class. Did you notice the beautiful plates in these pictures? Well they were crafted especially for Plentyfull at a pottery workshop. And I must admit it’s nice to hear that’s what they did instead of buying plates at Ikea.

The space is light and bright and fairly huge in scale. Service is speedy and very friendly. A great upside of the whole healthy bowl phenomena is that prior preparation means less waiting time. It’s also good to have choice, but not too much. Pick one of three bases (greens, rice or noodles), then a protein and then two sides. And a sauce of course.

S and I both chose the fish option, which already included a creamy sauce on top. The sauce was lovely, but I would have preferred it on the side. We both thoroughly enjoyed the fish though and it was beautifully cooked, flaking away softly with a fork. I chose rice as a base and the portion was very generous, so much so that I didn’t finish it all. Green beans and mushrooms were my side choices. Someone in the queue recommended the mushies and they were indeed good. Fresh and light and not too oily. My other side, the beans, had an added crunch from a crispy topping that seemed to be made of rice. I’m not 100% sure on that, but it was delicious.

All the bowls are $17 (tax and service included) for the basic version with a grain, protein and two sides. There are also a range of refreshing drinks to choose from. We tried the lime juice for an additional $3. Refreshing and light, although a little on the sweet side.

The space was busy on our visit, but not too much that we couldn’t easily find a seat for two. They also take reservations. Plentyfull is open till 10pm from Monday through to Sunday so you could also pop in for dinner. For me though it’s a great spot for lunch or brunch though.

Little Farms also have a section with fresh produce, including delicious treats like these Espresso Orange Energy Pearls. At $6 for two they aren’t a cheap snack but they are tasty and are made of purely fresh ingredientsm, minus any refined sugar. I liked them so much I went back to get more. On my second visit I tried the Coconut Cardomom flavour. OMG, so fricking good!

Reasons to visit Plentyfull:

  • friendly staff and good service
  • a healthy approach to food, there’s thought in the menu
  • a nice, bright space to sit for lunch or brunch
  • prices quoted in full
  • Energy pearls!!

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79 Millenia Walk, Singapore
phone +65 64932997
Opening Hours are Mon-Fri 8am-10pm , Sat & Sun 10:30-10:00

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