5 Alternative Ideas for Christmas Lunch

A popular choice for Christmas lunch in Singapore is to go for the all you can eat brunch option. Hotels have mastered the art of these brunches and there’s no doubt they’re worth the bucks (that is if you’re partial to a few Champagnes). My recommendations for Christmas day brunches go to The Knolls, Mezza9 and Town Restaurant at The Fullerton if you’re after the best of the decadent brunches. But at around $200 per head this is not a cheap option. There are however several alternatives that might appeal if you want to keep costs down, stay away from the kitchen yourself and enjoy a day with friends or family. Not only do these options work out more economically than the brunches above they also give you a lot more flexibility in terms of what you eat and where you eat. Here are my favourite ideas:

BBQ at Pasir Ris

This has to be number one on the list given that it’s my choice for our Christmas lunch this year. Having enjoyed a truly decadent day last year at Capella and The Knolls for brunch we decided this year to organise a more inclusive affair for our friends. We have visitors joining us from Sydney and there are a few stray orphans we know floating around so we figured that something a little more casual and low key would be in order. I’ve written before about Pasir Ris and the great combination of outdoors, a half decent beach (well better than East Coast) and the option of hiring a BBQ pit to cook your favourite Christmas foods.

Now this is not a great choice for the traditionalists among us, there will be no turkey, and probably no Christmas pudding due to the difficulty of boiling water, but that works ok for me. We will probably take a traditional ham and then lots of fresh and cooked seafood. Which, where I come from, is how we normally celebrate Christmas anyway. What there’ll also be are drinks of our choosing that won’t cost us the arm and leg that they would at any of the top restaurants around town. So basically we get to pick exactly what we want to eat and drink and to enjoy it all whilst sitting around in our shorts or swimmers. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain! Oh, and of course there’ll be a special visit from Santa too, right Husband??
Pasir Ris
Book a BBQ Pit

Order a Picnic Hamper

Along similar lines, if you can’t really be bothered preparing all the food yourself you can still enjoy a picnic that someone else has bothered to prepare for you. The folks at Cocotte in Little India have put together an awesome picnic hamper that includes a lobster and walnut aioli salad, duck rillettes, a whole roast chicken with all the trimmings and finally cheese and chocolate cake to finish. For four people this comes out at $249++. Having tried their chicken as a Sunday roast I can definitely recommend this as a good option if you don’t fancy cooking yourself. You will need to order in advance and pick up on Tuesday 24th December in time for Christmas Day.

As well as the hampers mentioned above Cocotte is also hosting a Mega Brunch on Christmas Day. For $79++ (free flow brunch trolley) or $119++ (inclusive of free flow Prosecco) you can enjoy the best of Cocotte’s restaurant staples. The brunch trolley is available between 12pm and 4pm. Reservations necessary.
Email info@restaurantcocotte.com or call Cocotte at +65 6298 1188

Volunteer with Willing Hearts

If you’ve lived in Singapore for some time you’ve probably heard of the organisation Willing Hearts. This entirely volunteer based organisation prepares and distributes thousands of meals every week for the less fortunate in Singapore. As usual the kitchen will be open on Christmas Day so that they can prepare meals to send out to people who don’t have the option of being able to enjoy the decadence of a day with family and friends.

Thanks to one of my friends I recently spent a Saturday morning helping out in the enormous kitchen at Kembangan and I was seriously impressed with the quality of food that is served out in massive volumes (5,000 meals were prepared between 6am and about 10.30am on the morning I visited). So if you are struggling for ideas and you want to participate in something worthwhile on this special day then I highly recommend a trip here.
Willing Hearts
Contact Lily on willingheartsingapore@gmail.com to let her know you’re coming

Christmas Bollywood Style

Head out of town and escape to the lush surrounds of Bollywood Veggies in Kranji. This gorgeous location is home to a farm that supplies many of Singapore’s more eco conscious venues. Not only that but they have a wonderful restaurant where you can sample a unique menu set in the tranquil surrounds of the Bollywood Veggies garden. Call to find out more about their Christmas menu and book a table for a truly unique experience (note that the picture above is from the Bollywood Veggies stall at Kranji Farmers Market).
Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore, 719026
phone +65 6898 5001 (between 9am and 6.30pm only)

Christmas Tasting Menu

Christmas Day is a day to enjoy something special. It’s a day to sit around with friends or family and make the most of shared time together whilst being able to eat wonderful food. And it’s a bonus when you can do that in a unique environment, and most especially when you don’t have to do the dishes after 😉 Pollen at Gardens by the Bay is offering a Christmas Tasting Menu at $120++ per head (and extra $100++ for wine pairing). Although the pricing is ultimately along similar lines as a hotel brunch, the quality of food combined with the unique location in the Flower Dome makes it a much more sedate and somewhat special affair. You also have access to the Flower Dome after so you can walk off your Christmas meal and enjoy the momentary feeling of being in a cooler climate 😉
Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

I hope this helps you decide what you’ll get up to on Christmas Day, whatever it is I hope that it is a special one.

Have you found any alternatives for Christmas Day in Singapore?

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