Some Things You Mightn’t Know About Me

As Singapore Foodie has grown steadily, over the past few months in particular, it strikes me that I may not have been as up front about what this blog is all about to new readers. From the beginning I have vowed that I will not write restaurant reviews based on paid visits, media tastings or any other contributed factors. The reason is simple.  I categorically believe that when you’re not paying the bill yourself you have a different view of the experience you receive. This applies whether it’s a company footing the bill, the restaurant themselves or it’s just a freebie as part of a wider junket. I do this because my aim is to recommend a restaurant based on the same experience you will have when you visit. Obviously this isn’t always the case as restaurants have bad nights and other factors come into play. But at least my paid experience will be similar to your paid experience.

On occasion I have visited a restaurant for a work dinner with Husband and on those occasions I’ll always revisit the restuarant on my own time and money before I write a review. This is a relatively unique concept in Singapore where so many food reviews you read are sponsored in some way. It’s why I started the blog in the first place because I was sick of reading glowing reviews about places that turned out to be duds. Undoubtedly I’ll receive some flak for this post but I’ve come to a point where I care less (note I don’t say not at all!), I value other people’s opinions but I also feel comfortable expressing my own.

On a brighter note, I was pretty chuffed recently when Travel + Leisure SEA magazine chose me as one of their Gourmet Guides Experts (you can’t access the article online, I’ve included a picture above). As my friends will know, I’m not really one to jump up and down about what it is I’ve achieved but I thought this was something worth sharing.

I’ve also recently had articles published in Transitions Abroad Asia Webzine, the December edition of Expat Living (front page above) and I’ve just been invited to Helsinki for the second time with the Quality Hunters team as part of the #travelLab project that I’ve been involved in since last year.

All of this is helping Singapore Foodie move forward and hopefully you all like what you’re reading and you stay tuned for more. I’m planning an ebook some time soon and a few additions to the site to give you all better access to the best food news in Singapore and beyond.

I want to thank you all for your readership, I can’t tell you how excited I get when I check my Google Analytics and find increasing numbers of readers every week, and when new people sign up to my newsletter or write to me with feedback. It genuinely fills me with gratitude and makes me want to put my very best efforts into maintaining a quality blog that is honest and informative. Thank you so much

On one final note, please use the reservation icons on my site when you’re booking a restaurant that is listed on Singapore Foodie. It doesn’t cost you a thing but it helps me keep the site running without the annoyance of advertising.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of happy eating,
Victoria aka Singapore Foodie

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