Brunch in Singapore (Give or Take the Booze)

Next Sunday Mother’s Day is celebrated in Singapore. Last Mother’s Day I booked a brunch at Greenhouse in The Ritz-Carlton and celebrated with my sister (who is a mother) and a few other friends. Unfortunately the brunch was a let down due to the room being poorly serviced and many of the food stations being constantly short of food. My suggestion this Mother’s Day is to avoid the typical big name brunches where everyone and their mother will be (kerching!) and go for something a little more low key, where you can imbibe in booze if you like or just drink coffee if that’s more your thing.

Of course if a super brunch is on your mind, then check out the Ultimate Guide to Brunch in Singapore which takes you through the many and wonderful types of brunches on offer in Singapore. If you’re looking to keep your options open though, to head out somewhere, on Mother’s Day or any weekend day, and to enjoy good food with or without the option of booze, then these five venues are all good choices. What I like about all of these is that they’re a little more ‘grown up’ than just your eggs and coffee kind of place. They’re venues where you could sit around for an hour or three, depending on the mood and the company.


My first brunch at Artichoke was one of the few moments I’ve really fallen in love with a restaurant in Singapore. Located centrally but in a gorgeous leafy square where you could be mistaken for thinking you were miles out of town, Artichoke is a little jewel of a restaurant. It’s very chilled out, perfect for a catch up with friends or anyone who has a little hippie in them 😉 It’s also one of the Top 10 Restaurants for Good Service in Singapore and having met the Chef and owner Bjorn Shen, and seen and heard his passion for myself, I’m a big fan of Artichoke.

Their brunch menu is one of the best for its flavourful reinventions of standard breakfast options. The Ful Medames is an Egyptian inspired dish of fava beans in a tomatoey sauce, served with a boiled egg (above). It’s a hearty and satisfying meal and it’s served with crispy bread to dip in and enjoy the spicy flavours. The bacon chop that’s served with scrambled eggs (top) is also pretty awesome, and you can even make up your own vegetarian options with choices of eggs with haloumi, mushrooms and tomatoes. The homemade lemonade that’s served at brunch is also worth a try ($4.50 each). You’ll pay around $25 per head for food and a bottle of Cava is $67.50++.
161 Middle Road, Singapore, 188978
phone +65 6336 6949
Open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday, call the number above after 3pm from Tues to Sat for reservations


After my recent post about BoCHINche you’ve probably already worked out that I’m a fan of the brunch. BoCHINche is probably the best all round choice for a weekend brunch in Singapore. You could take clients here, or equally your mates or visitors from out of town. On a Saturday afternoon, sitting on the terrace with a glass of Champagne and something scrumptious, be it a steak sandwich or ricotta pancakes with berry and maple syrup in front of you, it’s really hard to find a fault here. Or you could sit inside in the air con at the bar watching the bustling kitchen. You can read my full review of BoCHINche here. You’ll pay around $35 to $40 per head for food and a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne is $88++.
22 Martin Road, #02-01, 239058 (the restaurant is above Common Man Coffee Roasters and the entrance is around the corner though a glass door on Arnasalam Chetty Road)
phone +65 6235 4990
Open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday


The menu at Chopsuey is a little hard to get your head around. Located up at Dempsey, the beautifully restored Black and White building is a colonial den of black and white decor and atmosphere. Ceiling fans whir overhead and the waiters are dressed smartly in shirts and ties. It’s an idyllic setting and great for visitors, colleagues or meeting up with friends. The brunch menu is extensive, in actual fact there’s brunch and a la carte options available.

And they run the gamut from dim sum to a fancy French Toast. Most dishes boast some kind of Asian influence which mostly works but it just feels a little weird when your partner is hoovering up Char Siew Bau whilst another friend is crunching on Fish & Chips and another on French Toast. The food is good and the ambience is lovely but it’s certainly not cheap, we paid just over $50 each including a lot of food and one Bloody Mary plus sparkling water ($7 a bottle, ridiculous) for four.
#01-23 Dempsey Road
phone +65 9224 6611
Brunch is available Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 9.30am. No reservations

District 10

District 10 has all the elements for a perfect brunch, but often fails to pull it off. The refurbished space is comfortable, and there’s even private dining room if you fancy a personalised event. The brunch menu has been advertised in several magazines and it is a good choice for the brunch with or without booze, it’s certainly hard to turn down a bottle of Moet & Chandon at $68++ on the weekend. The food doesn’t win any prizes but it’s mostly decent. The Coconut Pandan Pancakes were probably the winning choice on a recent brunch, served with gula melaka syrup they’re a nice alternative to standard pancakes and they look spectacular.

I’ve previously enjoyed the burgers at District 10 but on my last visit I actually had to send my burger back because it was cold. I’m not even sure how a burger gets to be served cold, I’m talking refrigerator cold inside (even though it had been cooked, albeit rarely). The fries are good though, crunchy and not too thin, not too thick. And if you have kids and you’re there on a Sunday they even set up a jumping castle in the corner to keep the little mites happy for a spell. We paid about $25 each for food and coffee, add on $68++ for a bottle of Moet.
District 10
81 Clemenceau Ave
#01-15 (bottom of UE Square), Singapore, 239916
phone +65 67384788
Brunch is from 11am until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday

Coq & Balls

There are a few options for brunch in Tiong Bahru but Coq & Balls is one of few with the choice of enjoying a beer or wine alongside your eggs. It’s a cute little space on Kim Tian Road, a little away from the hustle and bustle of central Tiong Bahru. The brunch menu is brief but covers all the bases. The Giant Coq is a plate of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and a few baked beans. It’s actually not that big, the perfect amount for me but not quite enough for a big eater. I thought the best thing was the crispy bacon, but one of our fellow diners strongly disagreed. This got me thinking about bacon. I think bacon should be like steak and when it’s ordered you should be asked whether you’d like it crispy or less well cooked. This kind of thing can make or break a good breakfast.

The Chorizo in a Pan (above, try to spot the chorizo) was somewhat of a disappointment to Husband. It was a little on the smallish size to start with and it was also difficult to find any chorizo, either on the surface or upon tucking into the dish. Coffees were good, we all had two flat whites each which definitely wouldn’t have happened for me if it wasn’t good. I can’t say I’d rush back here, but if it was some hair of the dog I was after with my eggs then it’s a good pick. You’ll pay around $20 per head for food, bottled beers range from $11 upwards and a bottle of good Prosecco is $75++.
Coq & Balls
6 Kim Tian Road, Singapore, 169246
Open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday

Honourable mentions:

Spathe does tick a lot of boxes for a weekend hangout. It’s comfortable, relaxed, suitable for a light meal or something more substantial, and their pricing is very good. Brunch here will cost you around $25 per head, a Bloody Mary is $18++ and a bottle of Prosecco is $80++.
8 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore, 238958
phone +65 6735 1035
Spathe is open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am

As I said above, if you’re after a snazzy all out version of brunch then check out my Ultimate Guide to Brunch that covers all the bases for you, Mezza9 still wins for the best free flow brunch in Singapore in my book.


Of course, if it’s just eggs and good coffee you’re after, then you really can’t go past the Perfect Weekend Breakfast at Common Man Coffee Roasters.

What’s your favourite type of brunch? Tell me in the comments below.

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