Kitchen by Food Rebel

I apologise in advance for the lack of photos for this blog. I’m so crazy for this place I visited yesterday that I had to share immediately. I had known of Kitchen by Food Rebel for a little while via one of their founders, the lovely Elika, who had emailed me in a non pushy way inviting me to a tasting. Whilst I don’t attend food tastings I did reply saying that I loved the concept of Kitchen by Food Rebel and that I’d pop by some time. And then I didn’t. My bad. So when I met A for coffee earlier this week and we ended up at Kitchen by Food Rebel it was a fortuitous surprise.

Immediately I was struck by words like ‘sustainability’, ‘organic’, ‘healthy’, ‘nutritional’, ‘passionate’, etc etc. Then I met Mel, who was so delighfully bright, funny and helpful that I was immediately sold. I also met Christina and Bamm, the husband and wife team behind the kitchen side of things at Food by Kitchen Rebel. They both stepped out of the kitchen to chat to me (turns out that my friend A has been onto these guys for some time and she knows the team and the food well) and tell me passionately about what they’re doing at Food by Kitchen Rebel.

What they’re doing is creating an awesome, sustainable and healthy hub in the middle of the CBD. The produce at Food by Kitchen Rebel (FBKR doesn’t really work so well) is almost 80% organic, prawns are sustainably sourced from the Spencer Gulf, they personally phone suppliers to find out where produce is coming from. And MOST importantly the food tastes amazing. All I ate were the brownies above but my golly gosh they were fabulous. Gluten free, not too sweet but super chocolatey (if that makes sense), the chocolate literally melts in your mouth.

The iced teas are lovingly mixed with ingredients like lemongrass, mint, cucumber and other (sugar free) options. I’ll be back within a week to add more to this post. I’ve already decided on the Thai inspired quinoa salad. Bamm described to me how the team like to create healthy versions of local dishes and I’m all for that. They’re all about not using nasty additives, making food taste good and be good for you. So yay for that and yay for the whole team at Kitchen by Food Rebel. Bring. It.
Kitchen by Food Rebel
28 Stanley Street, Singapore
phone +65 6224 7008
Open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Visit Singapore Foodie website.
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