5 New Options at Lau Pa Sat

It’s hard not to love Lau Pa Sat. I know it’s touristy and the prices are higher than elsewhere, but for the combination of location and food choices, it really is a winner. I’ve now been to Lau Pa Sat (or Telok Ayer Market as it’s officially known) twice since it re-opened back in August and what I have noticed is that the food offering has become more diverse (much like many other smaller hawker centres) so you now can find more western eateries as well as the tried and true local favourites.

Personally, I think it’s best at night when Boon Tat Street is closed off and you can sit outside and smell the sizzling satays whilst being able to order whatever other food you want. But daytime is still good even without the buzz of Boon Tat.

I’ve failed a little on the photos here but I thought I’d pick out a few notables that are worth mentioning. All are more on the healthy side too, which is always good to know, even if you combine them with something less healthy 😉


The popular stall from Amoy Street Food Centre has now opened in the newly refurbished Lau Pa Sat. The Costa Rican kitchen has proved a great success for the hungry lunch crowd looking for viable alternatives to standard hawker fare. I ordered the Chimmichurri Avocado Salad in an attempt to try something healthy. I was a little concerned that some of the dishes looked to be very fried so I was pleasantly surprised when my (huge) portion arrived with only a few fried tortilla chips. The rest of the plate was a light but filling combination of avocado, beans, corn, tomato and herbs with the chimmichurri. It was really satisfying and the limey dressing gave it the perfect zing. At $6.50 I thought this was a great healthy option.

Yong Tau Foo

There are several Yong Tau Foo stalls at Lau Pa Sat now. This is one of my fall back healthy hawker foods that you find in many places. The idea of choosing your own additives, based on how healthy/unhealthy you want to be is very appealing. I usually go for lots of veg plus maybe a few fried bean curd pieces to add texture. And of course an egg.

Thunder Tea Rice
Have you heard of Thunder Tea Rice? It was a new concept to me until yesterday. The healthy combination of brown rice, herbs, tofu and vegetables is definitely a good way to start a healthy meal. The basic set is great value and super healthy. You can also add fish (which they fry), chicken or a chicken prawn meat roll. The stall also offer a combination of other healthier and lighter Chinese style dishes like Basil Chicken with egg. The stall is on the Shenton Way/Raffles Quay side of Lau Pa Sat.

Dim Sum

Ok, maybe not quite so healthy! But I was pleasantly surprised to try three prawn dumplings that had the most lovely texture and firm and tasty whole prawns inside. When I ordered them (and you can see they didn’t look great because they were served upside down) I was almost certain they’d be overcooked and soggy. They were in fact cooked perfectly and the skin was firm but not chewy and just right for grabbing with the chop sticks.


If you’re looking for healthy options one of the best you’ll find is Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls. The Vietnamese stall at Lau Pa Sat offers these simple rice paper rolls filled with vegetables and prawn as well as simple Bahn Mi rolls and a small selection of other Vietnamese dishes.

There are many other options at Lau Pa Sat including: Pizza, a Pasticceria and a Japanese French bakery.

What have you found that’s good at the new Lau Pa Sat?

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