FeastBump Delivers to your Door (AND Gives you $15 off your delivery!)

Did you know that as well as online supermarket delivery there are a whole lotta companies introducing delivery services for ready made food in Singapore? The great thing about the companies I’m aware of, FeastBump and Deliveroo, is that you can choose from a range of restaurants that are the kind of places you’d normally go out to for your food, they’re not some random no name business that you’ve never heard of and you don’t trust.

I’ll declare my interest in this article from the start, I’ve been using FeastBump courtesy of their affiliate program, to trial the service and see if it’s something my readers would like. Whereas I don’t do media tastings because my identity is known and the experience is targeted specifically towards me, with the delivery services this is not the case as they have no way of knowing what or when I’m ordering food. So I’m getting the same experience as you will and I feel confident about being able to review the experience honestly.

I’ll continue to add more about FeastBump as my experience grows, but for now, you can read about my recent deliveries and then use the code below to take advantage of the offer of $15 off your first FeastBump delivery with Wheat BaumKuchen or Pizza Fabbrica, cool hey??

The FeastBump team is offering $15 off for the first 10 purchases from Wheat BaumKuchen and Pizza Fabbrica for Singapore Foodie’s readers. You simply have to apply the special promo code FEASTBUMPSGFOODIE upon check out.

Wheat BaumKuchen

I tried Wheat BaumKauchen at Raffles Place not so long ago and was impressed with the healthy but hearty choices. For our home delivery we ordered one Grilled Salmon Salad ($12) with the addition of edamame ($1) and broccoli ($2) and one Seagull ($12), shredded chicken salad with zero calorie noodles, plus the addition of extra chicken ($1), a boiled egg ($1) and mushrooms ($1.50). Wheat BaumKuchen don’t charge for delivery and they don’t have a minimum order. This is almost too good to be true so get in while you can!!

The portion sizes with the add ons I ordered were more than enough for dinner for both Husband and I. Our order was delayed because of a massive downpour but the driver texted and then called when he arrived. I wasn’t home and I’d left an instruction to leave the food at the door, so once I reminded him of this, all was fine.

The food was good, probably not quite as good as ordering at the location but very close. The salmon was a bit overcooked for my liking but was fresh and still tasted good. Veggies were all fresh and crunchy. I’d definitely order again from Wheat BaumKuchen, for $30.50 we enjoyed a healthy meal with absolutely zero hassle.

A feature on FeastBump which I really liked was their pre-order function. I placed my order in the afternoon and then selected a later delivery time of 7pm to 7.30pm. So the pre-order function is a handy feature that ensures your food is ready when you want it.  The soonest you can get an order is around 2 hours but I think this depends on the delivery location.

If you are keen to try it out, visit Wheat BaumKuchen’s online store here and use the code FEASTBUMPSGFOODIE to get your $15 discount.

Pizza Fabbrica

I’ve been meaning to try Pizza Fabbrica after several foodie friends had recommended them. So a Sunday night, after a very big weekend, was the perfect opportunity to order pizza delivered to our door. Between four people we ordered three pizzas, a diavola, peperoncini with sausage and prosciutto crudo with rocket. We paid $80 which included $6 for delivery. The pizzas arrived on time (I think I placed the order around an hour and a half before the delivery slot was available).

Three pizzas were just enough for the four hungry souls eating them, but we are all big eaters so I think that’s a fair guide. The thin crusts and toppings were all good, they were fresh and good quality. Unfortunately there’s a ‘but’ here though. The pizzas were slightly on the cooler side so the base had gone a little soggy It’s a shame because Pizza Fabbrica is not that far away from our home and I’d have thought they would have been warmer, but maybe they were sitting around before they were picked up by the driver? In saying that we still enjoyed each of the pizzas and I would definitely order them again.

If you are keen to try it out, visit Pizza Fabbrica’s online store here and use the code FEASTBUMPSGFOODIE to get your $15 discount.

Notes to ordering from Feastbump

Overall, the FeastBump website is super easy to use. The only downside is that you have to click into the individual menus to find out whether they a) deliver to your area, and b) charge for delivery and/or have a minimum order. But the great news is the team is working hard to improve on this part. I suggest choosing restaurants that you know are in the vicinity of your home and you’re more likely to have luck. The full list can be found here.

FeastBump is a platform that features over 120 restaurants that deliver to you. The cool thing about FeastBump is that it’s an easy solution to proper restaurant-quality food that delivers. With FeastBump, you can purchase personal orders as well as food gifts and cakes for office parties.

I suggest ordering in advance, at least a couple of hours to be sure you can get what you want, when you want.

Other good restaurants available to deliver through FeastBump are:

Grain Traders
Sacha & Sons

FeastBump’s Story

FeastBump was started with the aim to connect people with F&B businesses. The FeastBump team is passionate about creating a platform where consumers can conveniently discover and order from a vast range of restaurant-quality food, made with integrity and passion.

Christmas Promotion

This December, FeastBump is bringing you exciting festive deals from more than 30 F&B brands that are offering Christmas specials. To discover the seasonal treats and enjoy the holiday promotions, visit the FeastBump Christmas page here.

Enjoy!! And please let everyone know about your experience below! Even if you have ideas for improvement the FeastBump team are keen to hear you

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